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    Hello all, now I have been through various threads on this website about the the rallys in the special conditions. I have manged to complete all the easy stages and some of the normal stages and one hard stage. Now the frustrating thing Is the Ai car and the time penalty it's very unfair, I've read about the Ai hits you and you get the 5 second penalty the slightest knock or bump, penalty. I know the rallys are the hardest Ive been driving the Ford rs2000 which is good nippy but not easy to handle, I've tried different cars, if there is a car that can beat the other Ai cars please let me know. Many thanks and kind regards.
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    You only get a time penalty if the AI car is ahead of you when the collision happens. If it's at the side or behind your car you won't get a penalty. For the HARD rally events you'll definitely need a Group B car or the Pikes Peak Escudo.

    There are other easier events you can do to get a quick enough car.

    Ford RS200 Rally Car - Capri Rally (HARD)
    Lancia Delta S4 Rally Car - Amalfi Rally (HARD)
    Renault 5 Maxi Turbo Rally Car - George V Paris (MEDIUM)

    Any supercar or GT race car should do the trick for the Capri & Amalfi Rallies since their both on tarmac.

    If you can manage to beat Cathedral Rocks Trail I (HARD) you get the Escudo which makes all the rally events incredibly easy.
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    Hi, many thanks for the reply. I have completed the rally for the Pikes Peak Escudo finally after so many attempts. I have completed all the normal and easy events, but I have a few of the hard ones to complete. About the penalty time I do understand what you are telling me, it's not the best having 5 seconds added on you and then to Try and make up the time for but I allways try and try again. I am nearly finished the rally events. Many thanks for your reply highly appreciated.

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