*Special Event* ARL Super Formula '23 @ Tokyo South Counterclockwise

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United States
Its been a long time but we're back with a one off special event.

Our next event is this Saturday March 9th. 57 laps of Tokyo South Counterclockwise in the Super Formula '23 on GT7. We have 5 more grid spots to fill. @ me if you would like to throw your hat in the ring and help us reach a full grid.

Practice lobby opens 8pm EST
Race lobby opens 10pm EST
Qualifying starts 10:15 EST
Race immediately after qualifying


Please find all the info you need below:

Lobby Settings:
Tokyo South Counterclockwise
TOD: Late Morning
Time Multiplier: X4
Fuel consumption setting:X2
Tire wear setting: X2
Slipstream: RealBoost: None (Overtake set to default)
Tuning: Allowed (except trans)
Flag Rules: On
Grip Reduction: Real
Ghosting: Off
Shortcut Penalty: Off (Pit lane penalty On)
Driving Aids: Prohibited except for ABS

Qualifying Details:
There will be a 10 minute open qualifying session to start the evening. After the 10 minute session the top 5 drivers will then go out and each complete 2 timed laps to determine final top 5 positions. Positions 6-16 will be determined by the 10 minute qualifying session. All drivers will qualify on RS tires. All qualifying will take place in the "practice" lobby so overtake will not be available.

Misc. Details:
RS and RM tire compounds required.
Minimum of 5 green flag laps must be run on each compound; out laps and caution laps do not count.
Standard ARL caution rules will be in effect. (Caution rules will be reviewed in pre race drivers meeting)

Please join our Discord @ www.arlsimracing.com if you can.

Hope to see you on track!!
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I'm putting the Castrol Multimatic on the grid for this one!!! See you on track!

(It's nice to have a proper grand Prix length back again!!!!)
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For the new folks...I build liveries with my coffee every Saturday morning. I'll have you ready by race start...just let me know!
Tomorrow's the day!! I've seen several Indycar liveries hit the grid. I hope your lap times make your idols proud, lol.

See you on track!!