Speed 12 tuning

Discussion in 'GT2 Settings & Tunings' started by Enema, Oct 12, 2003.

  1. Enema


    Does anyone have tuning tips for the Tuscan speed 12? I tried messing around with them about 9 months ago and gayed them up complaetly.:banghead:
  2. bla


    It´s not a tuscan speed 12 its just speed 12. What you do have is a tuscan speed 6.
    Regarding settings I have a very simple formula:
    Race modify the car, then:

    Damper bound and rebound lowered to 3
    Downforce set on max
    This is the essential

    Advisable settings also include: 35-40 lsd accel; 35-40 lsd deccel; auto gear set to 21; suspension front 13.0 rear 11.0; ride height front/rear 115.

    If you want the car more controlable you can soften the suspension, lower the bound/rebound even more, elevate the car a bit and set the lsd accel and deccel to the max. The ascc and tsc I don´t find very effective but the lsd initial torque can reduce spins and slides.
  3. bla


    By the way with all the stability the downforce provides you can leave the bound/rebound at 7 but only in some less unstable tracks.

    I wasn´t really an adept of maxing the downforce cause the loss of speed but I realized that it really comes in handy; won´t heal most of the wheelspin but will make the car TURN.
    Today I drove the car with bound/rebound at 7 in red rock valley and I was flying trough the corners. 280 kmh exiting the first corner, 190/200 kmh in the slower ones 260 before the tunnel and trough the last corner/counter-corner doing 240 easy. Only the last corner posed a problem with the unstability issue.