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    Hello there! I'm Dan! Born in Interlagos, bad cart driver, speed freak. I play GT since the 1st game came out. Love the series and recently found some time to take some shots of the best moments in GT6 with my favorite machines.

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Enjoy :)

    Diablo @ Eifel Kross

    Eifel_1.png Eifel_4.png Eifel_5.png Eifel_6.png Eifel_7.png Eifel_8.png Eifel_20.png Eifel_21.png Eifel_22.png Eifel_23.png Eifel_24.png Eifel_25.png Eifel_26.png Eifel_27.png Eifel_28.png Eifel_29.png Eifel_30.png Eifel_31.png Eifel_32.png Eifel_33.png Eifel_34.png Eifel_35.png Eifel_36.png Eifel_37.png Eifel_38.png Eifel_39.png Eifel_40.png Eifel_41.png Eifel_42.png Eifel_43.png Eifel_44.png
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