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    This is a little hour and a half sprint race at Circuit de la Sierra. I chose this track because it feels like a Nurburgring without the extreme difficulty and minimal overtaking opportunity. Not to mention, it's also a pretty addicting track. The pit strategies here are also pretty basic and easy to pick up. Either sprint and pit every lap, or go for preservation and brave it a second lap. Factor in possible weather, and you could be caught in a downpour with softs! Victory is handed to those that have a durable mentality, and good car preservation skills. Don't get too comfortable wherever you are, it's a big track, time can be lost anywhere!

    The goal of this is purely to have fun. It's for the experience of having a legitimate race with GT cars of Circuit de la Sierra! I'm sure some will finish many laps down and some with finish many laps ahead, but I assure you from past events, this is one hell of a race to be in.

    This will be a single-class, 14 car race. Two people must take voluntary roles and not partake in the event, and either be the safety car or the Marshal. Safety car has the coolest job ever (I speak from experience!), and the Marshal has the most powerful job. These two jobs are for those who feel they aren't competitive enough for the level of racing that may come.

    Event Date: February 18th (Time TBD)


    01 - Event Time Begins
    02 - First Track Meet
    03 - First Practice
    04 - Second Practice
    05 - Event Start
    06 - Qualifying Begins
    07 - Race Start
    08 - Parc Fermé
    09 - Event End

    It's two weeks before the race. The roads of Andalusia have been blocked off, and grandstands are currently under construction. Arriving into town are numerous exotic cars, and many tourists from around the world. The Sierra Festival of Speed has officially begun, and will soon hold its main event: The Sierra GT Challenge.

    It is at this time that the thread is revived, tagging all past participants and hopefully future ones. This is on a Monday two weeks prior to the actual race. You can either decline, confirm, or wildcard yourself for the upcoming event. At this time, you should join the club in-game if have not already. The car list is revealed, and it's time to begin practicing!
    With Circuit de la Sierra finally completed, The track is opened to the public. The wealthy aristocrats stretch out the legs of their super cars, and the residents and tourists arrive in their modded street cars.

    This is an optional event held in a public club lobby. You can join for some fun, and maybe practice strategy, since the lobby settings will be a simulation of the race. You can see where you wear your tires out the most, and see where on the track you need work on. Only rule is that you cannot drive any GT car used for the event.
    The Sierra GT Challenge is officially underway, and the teams roll out their cars to directly compete against each other for the first time. The engineers are hard at work, and drivers are learning the track.

    This is the first practice session. It is not mandatory, but highly recommended. This will be held on a Wednesday, the week of the race. The lobby will hopefully be up for most of the day, with hosts changing. BoP is fine tuned if needed. Here you practice strategy, and learn the car further. Weather is disabled for the first session. Weather locked to dry.
    The teams have all become awaited with each other, and with rain forecasted, they will soon see how the wet racing will be. It's a gloomy overcast, and everyone is watching the sky.

    This is the second practice session, and is held on a Friday, two days before the race. Once again, it is not mandatory. Weather will be locked at full rain, to practice driving in extreme rain. The lobby will be open all day like the first one, with hosts changing.
    Qualifying has begun, and the cars are shooting down the track at extreme speeds. The team engineers are putting the final touches on all the cars, as a very tense atmosphere rolls in...

    Qualifying will be held on Saturday. Like the practice sessions, it will be held in a lobby that will be open all day, hosts changing. Come in and put in a few laps, rest, then come back out. This does mean that there will be an honor system; please don't deliberately cut through turns or make false lap times. It would help to have someone monitor a driver going on a hot lap. Time will be written down, and posted here. Those who do not qualify will be put in the order they signed up for the event (Driver A signed up day one, Driver B signed up two days later. Driver A is placed ahead of Driver B).
    The cars line up on the grid for the formation lap, and the safety car takes off. The time has come, The Sierra GT Challenge will soon go green!

    With everyone in the lobby, all will join track and make sure that everyone can see each other. The designated Marshal will go through pre-race tech inspection, making sure that everyone's car is correctly homologated. Once this is done, the safety car will join the track, and the lobby's race start will be activated. Once in the race, everyone will turn around, and meet at the parking lot behind the start/finish line. The safety car will sit in the middle of the road, and car will line up in their qualified positions. Once complete, the safety car will head off.

    The safety car will travel at 60mph, and will head into the pits. The cars will retain formation, and once the safety car is in, the marshal will call green when necessary. Stay clean, and don't go nuts. It's a long lap, don't ruin your car here.

    During the race, collisions are inevitable, but some may feel deliberate. Remember the turn number or track area, and while you're in the pits, type it in the chat. Somebody rear end you hard at Turn 23 during lap four? While in pits, just type "L4 T23" in chat, and it will be investigated after the race. If somebody is caught by the Marshal in the act, they will be handed a penalty of varying harshness right away.
    With the race complete, all teams can breathe a sigh of relief. With the crowds cheering, the victor crosses the line. The Sierra GT Challenge is now complete, and with it, the Sierra Festival of Speed has come to a close.

    Once the race is over, there will be one lap left in the race. All drivers will go to the first parking lot, with the victor in the middle of the road, second place behind him to the left, and third to the right behind second (mimic a podium). The rest of the cars will park in the slots in their order. Hold this position for at least ten seconds for photo ops, then speed off and finish the race, but finish in the correct order!

    The finishing order in only the unofficial results. After the race, the host and/or Marshal will look over the replay and hand out penalties to those who were pending investigation.
    The many exotics have now entered the freeway on their way home, the tourists hop on their planes, the residents head home, and the track staff take apart the signs and tents. The roads have been re-opened, and only the many tread marks on the roads leave a reminder of what had happened.

    Now that everything is finished and all racing incidents cleared, the official results will be posted on the thread. Now that is completed, you can go about doing other things.
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    If you cannot remember turn names, use these area names.

    View attachment 609909
    Event Leader:
    Back-Up Host:
    Safety Car:
    BoP Lead:
    Event Leader - Manages the event.
    Back-Up Host - Opens the race lobby if leader cannot make it.
    Safety Car - Controls the start of the race.
    Marshal - Most important job. The Marshal will monitor battles, tire choices, pre-race inspections, control the flags (Green, Blue, White, Checkered. Track too large for Yellow), and write down investigation pleas. Don't be nice.
    BoP Lead - Has permission to re-balance BoP regs if needed.
    RACE TIME: 1hr 30m
    ASSISTS: None Allowed
    GRIP: Real
    BoP must be followed for the car. You will be warned if your car does not follow the BoP. If there is any disagreement to the BoP, please share your suggestions with backing evidence. Don't say "Make the "---" 450hp and 1200kg", say "Make the "---" 450hp and 1200kg because....."

    A clean race is obviously the goal. Any blatant contact will not go unpunished. Penalties can vary in severity based on the situation. However, don't mistake ramming for a racing incident. He may have shot up the inside, and you did not see him. Unavoidable contact is rear-ending in brake zone, aggressive blocking that leads to a spin, hitting someone's side next to you and forcing them off-track, etc. If you caused a major incident that you felt was avoidable, you can either continue on and risk a penalty, or wait for the crashed driver to re-overtake you and not face a penalty.

    All driver assists will be barred. No TC, ASM, SRF, or ABS. This race will not be for the weak. The lobby will force these off.

    Tire choice is limited. You can use RH through RS. You will have limited amount to chose from.

    Racing Hards: Unlimited
    Racing Medium: Two Sets
    Racing Soft: One Set

    Tire choice will be monitored by the Marshal.

    Disconnects will be ignored. Sorry, but this isn't a racing series. You won't really be affected, other than your position being placed as a DNF.

    This rolling start will be in 2x2 order. 1st place get right lane, 2nd gets left lane, and so on. This is to make the sure the leader gets the inside going into turn one.

    While it's a huge track and the Marshal cannot see everything, as a backmarker, you are obligated to let a lead car through. If you are a lead lap car and a backmarker (who is slower) continues to race and defend against you, bring it up during your pit stop.​
    It's better to text chat these during your pit stop, rather than during the race. If it's contact or bad racing behavior, simply type in the location and lap of the incident.
    Example: Guy hits you on lap 3, turn 4. during pitstop, type "L3 T4". If you do not know the turn number, you can also use the track guide. "L3 Starting Run". If it's a blue flag being ignored, then it would be "BF L3 T4". All of these will be recorded and investigated later. Don't get angry, the driver won't get away with it. Remember that if the driver in question lets you pass after the incident, DON'T REPORT.
    Rear-End - 5sec stays behind, 10sec overtakes.
    Side Hit - 10sec if intentional, 20sec if successful ramming.
    Brake Check on Straight (DO NOT mistake for early braking) - 10sec penalty
    PIT Maneuver - 5sec per attempt, 10sec added as well if successful.
    Hopeless Dive Bomb (Causes contact) - 5sec penalty.
    Rebound for a Turn (T-Boned) - 20sec penalty.

    Tire Set Misuse - Drive through penalty. If tires are not changed, DQ'd.
    Blue Flag Ignored (Depends on situation) - 10sec penalty.
    Rolling Start Contact - Give up one position (Marshal will monitor).
    Parc Ferme Ignored - C'mon bro :\ & 20sec penalty.
    Nitrous Found During Race (If it slipped by and was used) - Automatic DQ
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    -BoP was performed on the beginning sector of Sierra. Times were all within .400s. Comes down to driver.
    -There is a limited availability to keep the field diverse, and to prevent this from being a spec-race.