SS11 (GT3) Adaptation

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    Hey guys,

    if you wanna find out the true limitations of our current version of the course maker I suggest you try out recreating SS11.

    First of all the absence of 90 degree turns comes to mind, second the minimum distance between parts of the track limits authentic recreation. I guess this will hold true for all 'city circuits' real or imagined since they usually have 90 degree turns. Third the minimum turn radius is pretty generous in its implementation.

    Anyhow, I always loved this track and its layout and have spent a couple of hours in adapting it to GT6. That means more curvy turns, the center chicane section had to be dropped due to minimum distance between track parts. The length is 1.8km longer than the original GT3 course even without the center section so as to stay within the distance limitation without completely changing the track.

    Maximum narrowness:


    Complete track:


    With turns:


    The GT1 version might actually be more feasible as it contains less 90 degree turns and is not connected at the center. However its length will also have to be extended so it works with the given minimum distance between different parts of the track.
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    I like it.
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    Give me an hour or two, and I can make (an attempt to do) the corners properly.