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I thought it would be cool to start a thread especially for all of us Star Wars geeks to just have some general discussion about Episode VII. Pretty much anything goes. Feel free to discuss what you'd like to see, what you think we might see, story ideas, etc. All I ask is that if you post a spoiler, please put a SPOILER WARNING in advance of the spoiler. I'll start...

The Death Star: I know that a lot of people (myself included) thought bringing back The Death Star in Return of the Jedi was cheesy & lazy, but think about it. The Death Star was simply a weapon. The Empire was probably planning on building several of them. What I would like to see is fleets of Death Stars, used in the same manner as (say) the Star Destroyers. Just imagine how forbidding it would be to have like 10 Death Stars pop out of hyperspace all at once and descend on... Well, on whatever. With that thought goes this... Would those in control of them (the Death Stars) be "good guys" or "bad guys"? Are there still remnants of The Empire or would what once was The Rebel Alliance have taken control of The Empire's old war machine?

I'll leave it at that for the first post. Believe me, I have more. Feel free to comment on/discuss my idea or bring up one of your own.
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