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  1. Tina Branford

    Tina Branford (Banned)

    Yes I know I'm going to look crazy here but oh well. I recently got another copy and decided to protect this copy from any damage at all costs. I started another file and as usual I'm enjoying it a lot. I decided to get all golds on all licences with the controller just to get that done. I got all golds on B, A, IB, IA, S, and a few R in one day. The next day I finished getting all golds on the Rally license. Man I swear by turning off TCS, ASC, and having the Steering Response on 'professional' it really makes you faster. Now I'm ready to be able to start the racing aspect at my leisure, yess! I'm waiting for another wheel for that. Thanks goodness I have the best sister in the world.. she is buying me another DFP next month because she's amazing!

    Just decided to make a 'positive' GT3 thread that I'll update here and there with my GT3 progress and stories. If anyone reads them or not oh well I'll do it anyway.
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  2. JakeMR2


    I started again a couple of months ago, golded most of the licenses except S fully. S-6 is hard for me, but the others were a breeze. I think I'm at around 58% to 56% right now.
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  3. Tina Branford

    Tina Branford (Banned)

    Hey thanks for replying! Great job on the golds too! If you don't mind I'd like to share a trick on golding the S6 test. The Viper has insane torque as you very well know and anything below 3rd gear especially 1st gear will cause the rear end to loosen out. The trick is to NEVER go below 3rd gear and practice turning after decelerating only on some corners(2nd and 3rd ones specifically you can potentially full throttle through the 3rd if entered at the right time.) At the corkscrew start breaking where the tire skid marks are on the top of the hill and shift down to 3rd and punch through full throttle as straight as you can. The last corner on the main straight is tricky. Start breaking hard once you can make out the distance marker on the left corner shift down to 2nd(for a literal millisecond) then shift up to 3rd and full throttle to the finish line. This car is all about throttle control and managing the high low rpm torque. I go a 1:14:788 at me best.
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    I’m currently playing this full time on my PlayStation 3 (OG 60GB) since it’s still running perfectly. Trying to get one of every car which has the special colours.
  5. flanylla


    United Kingdom
    There's actually a bug in the licence demos in GT3 on the PAL 60GB PS3. They go out of sync, which doesn't happen on the equivalent NTSC PS3 (CECHA). Don't know why Sony crippled the PS2 compatibility for PAL gamers back then, guess it's another form of discrimination towards anything non-NTSC... (they removed the emotion engine chip that was present in CECHA, though at least they kept the graphics chip I guess, which is not the case for the 80GB NTSC PS3 which uses terrible software emulation...)

    I actually own a CECHC03 (it's in the post and will probably arrive tomorrow) so... I'll give GT3 a spin soon
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