Starting Project Cars Again (Need help please)

Discussion in 'Project CARS 1' started by Gyro1780, Dec 19, 2015.

  1. Gyro1780


    Today i'm starting Project Cars from the beginning. I haven't enjoyed playing the game at all since i bought it. I'm sure i must have missed something first time round & not got the best out of the game.

    Can anybody please advise me on what i should/can do to make the whole experience much better?

    I'm on the PS4 & will be using a controller (can't afford a wheel right now) I've tried a few setups for the controller & found one that seems to work well.
    What do i need to do next or am i ready to begin? I will be starting with the career mode & the Karts first off.

    Any help is appreciated.

    Thanks a lot :)
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  2. killerjimbag


    Go to the PCars forum, you'll get way more answers there,from people that actually have the game,that use wheels or controllers and can help you.
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  3. Spooky Wooky

    Spooky Wooky (Banned)

    Just do the things you enjoy doing, it's that simple. You don't have to start career mode with karts either, start wherever you like. Or even have 2 or 3 careers on the go to keep things fresh.
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  4. FS7


    I use a DS4 controller, realistic aids, default setup. I'm a fairly smooth driver and can play the game just fine.

    If you want to unlock all career events & invitationals and get all trophies you'll have to start career in tier 8 karts and work your way up from there. If you don't care about that stuff you can simply stick to whatever car class you like, have multiple careers, or even ignore career mode completely and setup custom races in solo mode or online.
    I've played some career events but most of my time was spent in solo mode testing cars in free practice and setting up custom races against AI.
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  5. MrF1


    yeah as above really. I think it comes down tk what career path you start on..
    I started with the Renaults Clio Cup which was good fun.
    Then i got invited to the Karts.. but to be honest. With my setup. It was a pain and i really didnt want to spend 10 hours driving Karts when id done ALOT of Kart races in GT6.

    To get more out of the gaming EXPERIENCE id suggest you save harder for that wheel and pedal set, and build a rig. You'll have fun tuning the car, wheel set up and driving positions.
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  6. Gyro1780


    I've now started playing Project Cars again. I've started from the beginning & this time i'm hoping i can enjoy playing it instead of getting frustrated & annoyed with it.
    Last night i drove one of the RWD Motorsports cars (stock setup) around Brands Hatch & wOw i was impressed. I think i drove for about 30 mins doing lap after lap with pretty consistent lap times. It was much more enjoyable than driving one of the Ruf's which to me at the moment is close to undriveable. I know that one is a race car & one a road car so i'm hoping with a little tuning the Ruf can be improved. The main problem i'm having with the car is once the rear begins to slide there's no correcting it & you end up off the track.

    Is it possible to use (as close to) real life setups for PCars & if so do the tunes work well?
    has some tunes available so i will be trying these first. If they are anything like the GT6 tunes then i shall enjoy giving these a good testing!!
    Does anybody else on gtplanet tune their PCars cars using the real life settings? I would like to try them if so.

    I'm not online at the moment due to lack of money but when i am i hope to meet up with some of you for a race or two;) :gtpflag: