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Discussion in 'GT2 Settings & Tunings' started by chevylover, May 30, 2003.

  1. chevylover


    I've been searching for car setups for GT2 on the net for a long time and I still haven't found anything except for some GT3 steups, but they are pretty much useless. Does anybody know of a good site for finding GT2 setups? Thanks a lot!

    This is how I'm feeling::banghead: and :confused:
  2. DaddyGary_2002


    Hello Chevylover,

    I just read your message that you are looking for sites address that will help you tune the cars for GT2.;) Well, I've never seen a site that just has car settings posted. Usually, the sites that I have came accross, when I needed help myself about learning more about how to tune the GT2 Cars.:D The first one that I learned more about setting up the cars, than any tuning guide thread, posted. It was written by a man that uses the name of GasMan. It certainly was helpful, and I learned how to do a few tweaks here and their from reading this mans thread. :D And in just a few days, I improved my lap times by at least a second and a half.
    :cool: So, I diffently suggest you visit this address and read it for yourself, Okay!!:) It won't take you long to see that GasMan's thread is the most truthful thread that I've found, as far as telling the truth, in this tuning guide site. :D Now, sometimes when you go to this address site, you might see a screen pop up and say that the address is busy at the monent, just keep trying until it takes you to the site. This is a very long thead, so plan on reading it a little at a time.!! Now, since that is the best site addess, for learning about each part and what each part will do for you and the cars.
    I'm sending you another address, that Is possiblely a good tuning guide site for the begginers of the GT2 game. This guide is named; GT40's GT Tuning Guide Site for begginers!! I hope that these address will help you about learning better ways that the cars can be setup for faster lap times.

    By the way, my name is Gary, and my ID name is Daddy Gary. And I am the moderator of another GT2 Challenge group, that is on the yahoo site. I would like to send you an invitation to visit the site, to see how well the owner setup the site. At our group, we run 10 challenges that starts on the 1st and ends on the 30th of each month. All of our challenges are located in one place, and you can see all the members that is entered on each challenge, and the times that they have posted on the challenges, also. We are a very active group, and we are the only group for GT, that has 29 days to work on each challege, and you can post times as many times you would like, when you achive a faster time on the challenges. We have plenty of links posted in our links Section to other site address with other types of imformation for the GT2 game. We have plenty of photo's of the cars in the game, posted in our photo section of the group. I really think that you would like our group, especially, after you see how organized our group is. The best thing that I like most, is all of our challenges is easly located in one place, and is possible for everyone to see how many members that is entered the challenges. And this is one of the top challenge groups, on the yahoo site for good competition. And all of our members, are very helpful about answering questions from other members that maybe having some sort of trouble.
    Again, I hope that these address I have sent you will be helpful. And I also hope that you will send me a message back, to say that you are interested about checking out our GT2_USA group site, also. We also have a member now that just started the GT2 game not long ago. Hope to hear from you soon.

    Daddy Gary