Steering trouble PS4

Discussion in 'AC Tuning' started by JDM Jeff, Oct 17, 2016.

  1. JDM Jeff

    JDM Jeff

    Hi all
    I finding AC a tad difficult in controlling the cars, it's as if there's a delay with the steering and I'm fighting to keep the cars going straight (best I can describe it to is it's a bit like tank slapping) coming out of the corners.
    I only have a controller to use as I don't have the space for steering and pedals.
    To add all assists are turn off as I find difficult in trying to keep up with the others when they're on, the first stage (beginners) wasn't to bad tbh but going up to the next level I found it incredible hard.
    So is there anyway of adjusting the steering so it's not delaying.
    I hope you can help thanks you in advance.
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