Steering wheel lag(?)

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    Hey lads,

    You might rememeber I was the guy who had problems with his steering wheel changing modes between directinput/xinput.

    I'm using the same steering wheel (Speedlink Drift O.Z.) and now I encountered another problem.
    It's not easy to explain it in English... when I'm steering left, after around the 20th degree the steering in-game "lags" or "shakes". The right side is totally fine.

    See what I mean in GIF, look at the dot which is supposed to show the steer (hope the problem is visible):

    The problem can be seen in the calibration window too.
    This is very irritating and makes every game almost unplayable.

    Could the steering wheel be faulty already? Or the problem is the USB port?

    Thank you everyone who can help in advance. :)
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