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Discussion in 'PCARS Racing Series' started by mark7389, Mar 26, 2017.

  1. mark7389


    I'd like to invite anyone who is interested to join a racing group that we have going.

    You can be playing project cars on any platform/console, and we have a bit of software called PCLapUpdater which sits on a windows PC anywhere on your home network listening for Project Cars UDP data and sends the lap times to the website.

    PCLapUpdater talks to you and tells you how far ahead or behind you are at every sector. Those of a sensitive disposition and under 16 should NOT click the Tourettes mode, I just wanted to see if the voice synthesiser could swear and the answer to that is yes.

    I also upload the telemetry data so that you can compare your best lap to someone else's and see where you're losing time, people love that bit :-)

    We're currently running bi-weekly races and have a league table system for which the winner receives a virtual gold cup and the never-ending admiration of the other racers.

    I'd like everyone to run with the same car as much as possible, so we like to keep the cars untinkered with and driving aids on Real.

    Another thing we do to try and give everyone a fighting chance of being in the mix is we have a boost system, I get all the data you've sent to the website and apply a 'boost' to your time according to how far off the lead you are.

    After all that if you want to join up, just email me at pcstoopid@hotmail.com so I can create you a login and send you the website url.