Stop timer codes in licence tests [all GT series]

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Is there any code that effective enough to stop the timer in the licence tests in GT1-2- & 3. I've tried the GT3 code from a website but it keeps showing up 98 minutes and it stops there, oh it so fustrating.


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Here's one for GT2 (version 1.0, the buggy one). You can't look at your garage if you're using this code, it will freeze the game.

Just save the game after you are awarded the prize car and license, or you'll have to start over.

8002F810 0000
80046E84 0000

It's probably easier to load the codes for all-gold licenses, and use the "Buy Any Car at Toyota" method to choose your prize cars

50003CA4 0000
801CA758 0400

* Do not load this code with your memory card, turn off at "warning", turn back on after loaded (if using old GS)

D01C322C D5D8
801C3018 D758 \
D01C322C D5D8 |- Spoon S2000
801C301A 120D /

D01C322C D5D8
801C2FCC A498 \
D01C322C D5D8 |- Concept Car
801C2FCE 0E35 /

D01C322C D5D8
801C3064 E59C \
D01C322C D5D8 |- 3000 GT LM Edition
801C3066 1745 /

D01C322C D5D8
801C30B0 F71C \
D01C322C D5D8 |- del Sol LM Edition
801C30B2 1200 /

D01C322C D5D8
801C30FC E65C \
D01C322C D5D8 |- FTO LM Edition
801C30FE 1701 /

D01C322C D5D8
801C3148 129C \
D01C322C D5D8 |- GT-One'99
801C314A 1E0D /

I've never found these codes to freeze up the game. Have at least 5.5 million credits to buy these cars. To play it safe, buy the cars, check your trophy room, and then save the game....and turn off the codes to play the game for real.

(BTW, I didn't create these codes, I just copied them from various sources. Do a search for more.)
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* Do not load this code with your memory card, turn off at "warning", turn back on after loaded (if using old GS)

ahoy Pupik / i started at the end (oldest) of the hybriding threads and found this post / found ur site ( a few weeks ago, great site, was very helpful starting point for gran turismo 2 hybrids n such, thnx

i also visited Too Cold's site ( and found some info on joker command code syntax and usage (D01XXXXXX xxxx, ect..)

found some more info on a joker command code to activate more than one line of code but it was for the ps2 and im not certain what game ;/

tl:dr = joker code to activate more than 1 line of code ? / thnx in advance for any help


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Sorry...I really don't remember what a "joker code" is, it's been so long. Haven't hybridded in GT2 since 2004 or so.


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If you need a joker command that affects all the lines underneath it, use this code format here.


Then place your 80-30 codes underneath. Typically used for mastercodes, but you can use them for more than one code activation.

You'll need gameshark 2.2 or higher for that to work.

Rough example

Hold Up to Slow Opposition (PAL)
800AA98A 0011
800AB4CA 0011
800AC00A 0011
800ACB4A 0011
800AD68A 0011
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Gran Turismo 2-How do i activate the Stop Race Timer(Really Helpful in License Tests) I apply the cheat,save the game and load it and then i start the first test in B-License but the timer just works normally and keeps going i am on EPSXE and on NTSC-U!Cheats like Monry Never Decreases,Any Car On Any Circut and Quick Win works when i save and load they work!HELP! Why i send it like a reply and not a post?-IDK HOW!
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It's not a cheat that enable and it's done forever lol. You have to activate it when you're taking the tests. Otherwise as soon as it's deactivated the time starts going again