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    Hello all.

    Worked on my f40 for a couple of hours, trial and error.... and this is what i came up with. Still improving as we speak. Maybe you proffesional guys can point out any things that should not be.Opinions, advice?

    Ferrari F40
    No aids or abs
    Used this tune on a stock F40 SH tyres and a fully tuned 716hp with RH (did not mix tyres)

    Ride height f 80 r 70
    Spring rate f 12.80 r 15.00
    DC f8 r7
    DE f9 r7
    ARB f7 r6
    Camber f2.3 r2.0
    Toe -0.15f 0.22r
    BB f3 r1 racing brakes (on racing hards, 716hp)
    BB f5 r2 regular brakes (sports hards, stock, R brakes lock up way to easy with SH)

    LSD 6,15,10

    Power upgrades...any, ive fully upgraded my f40 with this tune, RH tyres and it drove pretty well. I enjoyed it.

    Body....ballast 200kg and max weight redux. Get ratio to 49:50. Thats the only way to make this car drive easy. The oversteer doesnt seem to be dependant on weight ratio. Its an inherent quality apparently. Even at 49:50, the car will easily do a 180 if you approach a corner too fast. A downhill uturn is my nemesis in this car.

    When going through halfway through a corner, use the accelerator to find some grip and keep the car under control. It is pretty unforgiving at times. The gt5 version was easier, if i remember right. It didnt feel out of control ALL the time. Tough car.

    As for the drive, i love it. That oversteer actually can be used to your advantage.
    The car is a joy to drive when it automatically drifts through a corner.


    This car shouldnt be fully tuned.

    I made a lambo gt tune yesterday, Will post it up
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    I'll give this a go this week. I love the F40 but the tune on mine is a bit loose at the minute.
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    I would like to see a working tune, without the blast trick, as in real life this would be impossible, also the 60/40 is right for the RL car.