Strange penaltys in every single race

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Near Nürburgring
Hello guys, i recently started playing Raceroom and there are many things i really like about this game, but also quite a few issues. The biggest one so far is the fact that i get a big time penalty (1:30) in every single race against the AI. Sometimes i finish 1st but the game sets me back to the very end of the field without any kind of explanation why.

Is it for cutting corners? Is it for crashing into another driver? Is it for leaving the track? Speeding at the pit lane? I just dont know! I tried to disable penaltys, but so far i could only see two options - penalty for cutting corners and the flag system. I turned off both but i still get penaltys. The game dosent even tell me at which point i did some kind of mistake, which is very frustrating. This is meant to be a proper sim, but why cant this game tell me what exactly i have been doing wrong?

In any case, your help is appreciated. Maybe there is some option to disable these kinds of time penaltys completly? Or maybe you guys have had the same experience?