Strange situation in need of solving.

United States
Bronx, NY USA
I have a Logitech G27 that I've had for a number of years now. The problem that I'm having is this: in the game controller settings for Windows, my wheels works fine. In the Logitech profiler, only the buttons are recognized, but none of the axis. In my various sims my wheel is not showing up. Yet, if I connect it to my PS4 using my Drivehub adapter, it works fine. I've tried using different USB ports, uninstalling and reinstalling my drivers and profiler software, etc. All to no avail. If anyone has any ideas or solutions to my dilemma, I would greatly appreciate any help.


Windows 10 after some updates messed something up. Sometimes it requires to use usb2 with usb2 device while installing drivers (had this issue with fanatec). Had to use older ports at the back.

Maybe it is the same issue?