Streaming a GT2 playthrough (no commentary/face cam)

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United States
Since completing Gran Turismo 1 earlier today, I figured it might be fun to stream myself playing through GT2, mostly for the sake of having a record of my progress, but also for anyone who feels like watching.

I'll be using GT2 plus (complete version), and aiming for some competitive racing rather than using overkill, when possible. The GT2 info dump alongside @Parnelli Bone's guide will prove useful in matching the AI and hopefully getting some close fights.

I ran through the Sunday Cup and the Pulsar one make race so far, but I could be convinced to start over. I was mostly just testing the stream as I've never done it before.

As indicated in the title, I am not currently using a mic or a webcam to talk during the stream. That may change in the future but I don't have specific plans at the moment. Game music is turned off for copyright reasons (makes the menus feel so stark :(), so feel free to listen to other music if you want.

I'll be streaming a little bit more now, but past streams will be saved to my channel for 14 days. I'll try to figure out a way to save them permanently, perhaps by uploading to youtube. We'll see.