Street Tunning Tab VS Drift Tunning Tab discussion

Discussion in 'GTS Drifting' started by Lazy Liquid, Apr 13, 2018.

  1. Lazy Liquid

    Lazy Liquid

    After playing the game for about 2 months and drifting daily, i just realized now that those tabs where you setup your car (Street and Drift) haven´t the same physics at all. I confirmed that when tested the very same setup on diferent tabs, then i learned some good and bad aspects on these diferences.

    Drift Tab:
    - Acceleration Trigger is more forgiving
    - Car is more stable
    - Easier to hang higher angles
    - A bit slower, even using speed drift techniques with low angles.

    Street Tab:
    - Dangerous
    - Demands much more precise driving
    - Looks like have less turning angle on wheels, something less than 35º
    - Can´t hang critical angles without spinning
    - Spinning out happens more often
    - After masterize it, probably you will drift a bit faster than the other guys using the drift tab. Im not sure that is due the low angles or the acceleration feedback have less wheelspin.
    - Will drive you mad finding or remaking your setup.

    How about you, mates?
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  2. DriifterX


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  3. poumpoum


    Never tried it but are you sure the physics is different ? Perhaps it's just controller sensitivity / max wheel angle etc... ?
  4. NotThirdReich


    I have tested this out. I now like the street tab more. I feel as if I can become a better drifter trying the street tab. Also it is probably the lower angles that makes you go faster and maybe at the same time the acceleration feedback.
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  5. SmokeySama


    This is a huge debate online. For me, and my style of driving, I prefer road tab. I feel like some people think pulling 90° mid tandem is cool, but it isn’t. You drop a ton of speed and it’s simpky hard to follow. I feel like the movement, and transfer of weight, of the car is more fluid like in road tab. And you can get good angle in road tab, you just have to work for it. I see drift tab as an addition of a wise fan kit and weird throttle response. I also play on DS4 if that accounts for anyone else.
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  6. NotThirdReich


    Yeah, road tab is definitely more fluid. I enjoy it. Those 30MPH drifts are honestly pretty lame. They aren't even showy. The more fluid and faster your drift is, the cooler.
  7. newjks


    Basically main different is the angle, in drift tab the drift angle allowed is same as GT5/6, while road tab's pathetic angle which i not even called that a drift on some car like other than 86GRMN because the angle is too laughable, for me drifting is all about style: angle, transition, initiate, speed, smoke.
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  8. htsue


    Road tab:

    - Greater forward momentum for speed drifting
    - Requires smooth throttle control, steering control especially for transitions as front tires can easily lose grip if you exceed g deviation
    - Greatly affected by change in elevation/texture of the road
    - Cannot tolerate abrupt lift off of accelerator as the weight shifts to the front too fast and you lose your rear.
    - Can get like 45-60 degrees of angle with careful throttle and steering modulation plus ebrake
    - Lot of people running MRs since weight shifting on road tab is more forgiving with this layout
    - Generally have to run race lines to drift (as close as the apex as possible), difficult to do IDC drift lines (drifting on the outside of the apexes)

    Drift tab:

    - Not much forward momentum, hence slow
    - but your front tires have so much grip makes it easy throw angle 90-120 degrees of angle and maintain it with low torque throttle modulation, however it scrubs alot of speed.
    - weight shifting is very easy, you can easily correct over rotation via throttle/ebrake or steering
    - you can run all rwd layouts and theyll drift easily
    - can take idc lines and run non racing lines
    - Can tolerate abrupt accelerator lift off
    - Change of elevation/texture of the road has low effect, you can drift on grass, maintain speed and momentum and you won’t spin out (probably on low reduction grip lobbies)

    The steering angle for drift tab is sometimes a bit ridiculous for some cars. Ie supra. But if you have a good line and maintain your gforce with small deviations its possible to catch up to road tab users. It’s also possible to lead a tandem with road tab chasers, given that you drive a quicker line, have a grippy car and not scrub too much speed with big ass entries.

    Why road tab for comps only?
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  9. nfsp2kTW


    I also like to use "Road tab" to drift
    I also think that the physical nature of "Drift tab" is very weird

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  10. Kidzatplayy


    For someone who bought a wheel specifically for Gt sport and have been drifting on Gt since gt5 on controller now that I can finally hold angles and smash someone’s door there’s this dumbass tab argument how were we able to drift without care in the other Gt but now all of a sudden if you use an option in a game you’re not good...gotten kicked out of lobby’s a few times also because of it too I just laugh at the sheep following this tab argument I just say who cares just hold angle and smash doors #DT road tab pussys beware Get angle hoe ‍♂️
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  11. Kidzatplayy


    Oh and also I’m down with Japan FD instead of USA FD look it up and you’ll see....
    drift tab >> road tab
    500hp >>> 700hp
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  12. SidewayZ32


    So i just got this game on sale during e3. And till this day had no idea these tabs felt different until i actually tested it out.

    This whole time ive been drifting on road tab and always felt it seemed a bit weird, especially with dai's 1000hp brz, i just assumed i just had to get used to the new physics and got used to it after a whole day of testing and tuning.

    Past 2 days ive had discussions with people in the gt lobbies about these tabs being different, i literally never noticed as my settings for my race tab is setup differently from my drift tab for drifting.

    This was until i decided to test a gr.3 nsx (MR) i just won from the daily mileage points last night.

    The only thing i feel thats different is the change in steering angle and thats it. The racing tab under the gr.3 nsx has a considerably less amount of steering angle. Much of how a race should have compared to a car built to drift which should have a wide steerimf angle.

    My conclusion is...of course a car with less steering angle is naturally going to be harder to drift with, less angle to work with and to compensate for the small steering angle u need more throttle modulation mixed with the shift in weight to manipulate the angle, but u wont achieve the angle u would want on a tight track. But i guarantee anyone that if GTS ever had an option to modify steering angle under the road tab, it'll feel close to the drift tab, ESPECIALLY with a controller.. which unfortunately, i am using because my g27 does not work with ps4.
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  13. SidewayZ32


    By drifting on the road tab u are basically gimping yourself to drifting with less steering angle. How are people not understanding this?

    Road tabs steering angle is narrow, while drift tab is wide as can be.

    I can bet anyone if polyphony added the option to modify steering angle under the road tab, it'll feel so much like the drift tab hands down.

    Im sorry but literally had a talk with some drifting "comp" in gt sport and all he literally only thought was "drift tab" has steering assist and thats why he thinks its "too easy" and thats it, not one mention about "modified steering angle" only says stuff like its easier to achieve more angle with drift tab.....WELLL ill be! Also drifts on controller as well. So its pretty contradictory, controller already has some built in assists regardless. This seems to go with the general consciousness of the current "community" drifting on gt sport which shouldn't even be a thing to begin with ehen it comes to drifting on tabs of road vs drift..
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  14. alpacaflip


    United States
    I personally use the drift tab. The whole point of drifting is to be sideways, so the more angle the better. I'm not sure when the the whole 3 degrees of angle at 60mph in a corner became the cool thing, but I'm really not a fan. I'm not trying to bash anyone or change opinions; if you enjoy road tab keep doing what makes you happy; at the end of the day it's just a game.
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  15. Tetsu_X


    United States
    I've been hearing that the beef against drift tab is that it's "unrealistic" due to the high degrees of angle that come with slow, very slow speeds, such as 20 mph to 30s mph.

    I completely agree with that side of the argument since there's barely no forward momentum, nor grip, when sideways and damn right, it feels like ice skating. It could be argued that the momentary fix is to modulate one's throttle control to the extent of limiting the excessive angle but even then, the fellas using 'road tab' cannot be caught up, or is very trouble in some cases to do so.

    I've noticed a factor that contributes the fellow gamers using road tab, and that is found on Gr. 4 cars, or any car that has 'downforce'. Yes, downforce is playing a critical factor in drifting, like always has; however, we cannot apply downforce to regular road cars, thus they have the most disadvantage. Some of us still enjoy drifting old style cars, even though they are limited in GTS, in comparison to Ferraris and the like; yet the masses, whether old or new to the gt scene, are leaning more towards the latter.

    Now, downforce applied with the presumptious better handling or physics found using road tab, together with the lack of steering angle, very similar to gt6's non-drift trial lobbies, well, it's a whole new ball game for some gamers, like myself.

    Personally, it feels very frustrating to not be able to compete against today's gt gamers because of these irregularities.

    I'd love to hear more thoughts on this topic and how to get better at drifting, with either/or tab, specially from gamers using a 900° wheel or more.
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  16. nfsp2kTW


    After several tests, "Street tag" and "Drift tag"
    Find the difference between the steering angle of the steering wheel and the steering angle of the front wheels.

    Using the "Street tag", the steering wheel rudder angle is relative to the front wheel steering, I think it is a linear angle change.
    Using the "Drift tag", the steering wheel rudder angle is relative to the front wheel steering, I think it is not a linear angle change.

    Use the same car, the same track, the same setting (only "Street tag" or "Drift tag").

    "Street tag", the steering wheel reverses about 360 ° ± 45 ° when drifting over the corner, you need to turn the correction steering wheel back and forth to stabilize the angle of the body drift.

    "Drift tag", the steering wheel is reversed by about 180°±45° when drifting, and it is rarely necessary to rotate more than 180°, so that the angle of drift when using the “street tag” can be achieved, and it is not necessary to rotate the correction steering wheel back and forth, and the body is relatively stable..

    Several tests, the conclusion is :
    Steering wheel rotation angle "Drift tag" is half of the "Street tag".
    Front wheel rotation angle "Street tag" is half of the "Drift tag".
    But I can't prove that the total steering angle of the front wheel of the "Drift tag" is greater than the "Street tag".
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  17. bil coz

    bil coz (Banned)

    Im editing this because I was completely wrong

    drift tab felt weird at the beginning for long time gt drivers because it adds caster and locks wheels to 900 instead of 1080 for thrustmaster users (both of which make it feel like the cars are absolutely unspinnable when you come from years of gt drifting)
    but really its all there is
    its not different physics or hidden assists and proof of that is some cars behave the same on both tabs
    Turn14 BRZ
    90s NSX
    Corvette Gr3 Road Car

    oh yeah it also adds steering angle to race cars but not to normal road cars.
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  18. bil coz

    bil coz (Banned)

  19. bil coz

    bil coz (Banned)

    confusion could have been avoided easily and time not wasted on stubbornly sticking to road tab if Polyphony Digital just would explain their stuff a bit.
  20. nfsp2kTW


    我個人是拒絕使用 "Drift TAB",這是官方的輔助程式,
    或許 "Road TAB" 跟 "Drift TAB" 可以跑出一樣快的時間,
    "Drift TAB" 幫助多數人體驗漂移的樂趣,同時也扼殺的少數人付出的努力及練習,
    "Drift TAB" 造就了人人都可以是飄移大師,同時飄移技巧也變得廉價。

    官方應該要取消 "Drift TAB",要開放前輪轉向舵角調整的選項,

    Personally, I refuse to use "Drift TAB", which is an official auxiliary procedure,
    Maybe "road TAB" and "Drift TAB" can run as fast as the time,
    But the feedback between the two for the steering wheel is absolutely different, the auxiliary is by no means equal,
    "Drift TAB" helps most people experience the pleasures of drift, while also stifling the efforts and exercises of the few,
    "Drift TAB" makes it possible for everyone to be a master of drift, while drifting skills become cheap.

    The PD should cancel the "Drift TAB", to open the front wheel steering rudder angle adjustment option,
    Make sure everyone is on the same basis to make customized vehicle tuning.
  21. bil coz

    bil coz (Banned)

    I felt exactly like this for a whole year. went to war against drift tab, held drift lobbies with BoP turned on. But drift tab is legit.
    Spend an hour with the Turn14 BRZ on road tab. then copy the tune over to drift tab and try it. oh it feels the same!?!? now try any gr3 on drift tab. oh!?!?
    drift tab just has mechanical front suspension and steering adjustments that you would want on a serious drift car and were missing in gt games until now. and it is indeed very hard to spin a car around by driver error but it takes a lot of skill too to make perfect smooth runs with nice angle/speed.