Stuck in pits in daily event

  • Thread starter Andy Lapi
I played ACC on PS4 and I have the PS5 since one week but I have a problem there in the multiplayer, the lobby on the left of the screen you can join for immediate racing (I didn t try the others) , I cannot start from the pits, I ear the motor of my car, the rev is progressing but the car doesn’t move…I waited for the race start and there also at the start I dont move…
Working ok when I play alone in the other part of the game, championship, etc…
I solved the issue after having found some youtube video showing similar problems..R2 and L2 controls are not working well on PS5 mainly in multiplayer ….then I put motor start automatic and no control on R2 L2, also delete all the controls that I don t use (some were automatically attributed then causing mismatch..)

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