Sudden strike 4 on ps4

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Hey guys, I'm having alot of fun with this, really cute game, works great and wonderfull sound, sound effects, music.

Been replaying a mission after getting 2 stars on normal and it seems there's alot more enemies now attacking, which is great for replay value and it was too easy on my prior try.
Unless it's just random, but glad for now cause there is no harder difficulty apart from challenges and different doctrines.
And there seems to be only 1 challenge per mission? Unless more appear after you cleared that 1st one.
Well im just on the 2nd allied mission in the base campaign so i know it will get harder. And I'm not a regular rts player.

One thing i find weird is i had the base game and saw the complete edition on ps4 for sale, and there is no season pass, so i decided to buy the complete version as each dlc total much higher a price.
But it's a separate download from my base game install. Also its just 8gigs, where as my base game is 13gigs.

I just wish when you select a group of units and you press down on dpad to switch unit type within the group selected that you can separate them from the group or order them to move separately. It seems to be just to select their individual abilities like 1st aid for medic etc. Unless I'm missing something.

And if you want to tell only the sniper from a group of units to attack an enemy for example, you have to select him with the cursor so your order only applies to him. Its ok if it's just 1 unit but if you're trying to select a sub group of unit type within a group it gets cumbersome.

I don't get why they didn't add this since you can already select unit types within a selected group as i said with the down dpad.

I could have typed this more concisely lol, oh well cheers..
Edit: i noticed also my base game is version 1.16 and the complete version install is 1.00.
Maybe they must optimized better the complete game files, i just hope nothing is missing or lesser in the complete game download compared to the base game download.
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