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    Hi everyone,

    I just got back into this ludicrous hobby :banghead: you can see my intro post here ( As I stated in that post my intention was to purchase an Omega Apex wheel stand at the end of the month but in the meantime I have it mounted to this tv stand (see attached) This is an older stand and was meant for large CRT tv's so it's built pretty solid. And what I have noticed is that it IS very solid and would probably work well as a permanent solution, it's easy enough to slide out from the spare room for use. And it has convenient side shelving to hold my water or adult beverage :cheers:

    What I am looking for is any suggestion as to how to hard mount my wheel to it. Ideally using all three mounting points. I have had thoughts of some sort of T-shaped metal piece bolted up underneath or something. And maybe another piece of wood on top since as you can see the front of the top piece has a curve to it (and I am anal about having everything centered) :nervous:

    The other part is how to attach the pedals? The back of the stand is just some nailed on semi-rigid cardboard material, which I have reinforced with a few extra nails for the time being. I also have placed a piece of PVC pipe behind the pedals to give them a bit of rake but obviously, this is just a temporary solution.

    Any suggestions or comments are greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

    PS- If you use a wheel stand type arrangement, what kind of chair are you using?

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    The wheel base has holes in it for hard mounting. Make a template, transfer it to the unit, drill holes. You'll need to get some bolts long enough though - ebay is the place to go. IIRC they are M6 size. Use washers along with the bolts in order to spread the load and stop the bolt heads digging into the wood. The top being curved slightly won't affect the hard mounting at all - just get the wheel in the centre.
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    I used M6 furniture bolts to mount mine - almost flush and no need for washers :) Important to get the correct length, although it seems to be OK to go a few mm more than they say into the base. In fact, sticking to what they say the bolts don't seem to grab enough threads - my shelf was 18mm, plus the 12mm they allow should mean 30mm bolts, but I think I had to use 35mm. Two bolts should be enough.