[SUPER GT e others] - Would the GT franchise need to acquire a license famous GT Competitions?

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  1. BrunusCL82


    Would the GT franchise need to acquire the license for famous competitions?

    Firstly, I mean GT is my favorite motorsports franchise. Please fans, do not take this topic as a negative review. Please. Let's talk politely.

    Sometimes the GT franchise bothers me in one thing. The franchise looks like a compendium or a pile of cars, without much purpose. A car shelf, an encyclopedia of brands and racing cars, but with little identity of races and championships.

    I think it would be great for PD to get the license for the Super GT, the DTM and the CIGT, and not just bring a handful of cars, just one or two circuits.

    I think PD has a lot of prestige with motosports organizations. I believe that the PD could even get sponsorship, instead of paying to use the brand of these competitions. After all, it would be a great exhibition and would attract more fans to these modes.

    Forza obtains licenses from IMSA and IndyCars. Although not used properly. IMO.

    I would be delighted if PD got the license from Super GT (Japan), DTM (Germany) and CIGT (Italy).

    I believe they are less onerous than Blancpain or WEC. What's more, the circuit cast would be much better.

    Codemasters is able to work with the F1 license, why would not PD get these national licenses?

    In addition, they would bring us a cast of SPECTACULAR circuits. IMO, are the three countries with the best racing track list, after the USA.

    Super GT:

    - Autopolis
    - Fuji
    - Motegi
    - Suzuka
    - Sugo
    - Tokachi


    - Nurburgring
    - A1 Ring
    - Hockenheimring
    - Hungaroring
    - Zandvoort
    - EuroSpeedway Lausitz

    CIGT (Italian Champioship of the Grand Turismo)

    - Imola
    - Mugello
    - Monza
    - Vallelunga
    - Misano
    - Paul Ricard

    Of course this would not exclude the addition of other famous circuits, such as the americans, british and south americans circuits.

    PS: Sorry for my poor english.
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  2. MisterWaffles

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    English is pretty great actually.

    Anyways, while I see what you mean with how GT just takes the cars from a particular series and does little to actually represent that, I’d counter that point by mentioning that GT Sport is centered around a fictional FIA series with fictional tracks and cars, so GT isn’t exactly the best place to be featuring full accurate championships.

    If you’re looking for games that accurately replicate a particular series, F1 2018 and Assetto Corsa Competizione are fully accurate representations of F1 and Blancpain respectively. Those might be more up your alley.
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  3. BrunusCL82


    I understand.

    But PD would not have to bring all the teams and cars of those organizations. Just a few cars, two from each automaker, for example. The important thing would be to bring in the cast of circuits, used by these organizations.

    It could even be the title of paid DLCs. Suppose: ten dollars each pack.

    Super GT Pack = Six circuits and six cars.

    DTM Pack = Six circuits and six cars.

    CIGT Pack = Six circuits and six cars.

    The ten dollar value would not divide the community. I think. Certainly ten dollars would be a motivation for the PD, even to pay the royalties of the circuits or the organizations.
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  4. Alpha Cipher

    Alpha Cipher

    I like the idea, but from how I see it GT Sport is trying to make a whole new championship series altogether, hence they have Gr. 3 and 4 instead of GT3 and 4. This might also explain why PD partnered with the FIA themselves and not individual championships like ALMS and IMSA. Some tracks are fictional, but are FIA-approved. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see SuperGT and DTM in the game, and I do expect (well, hope) that at one point or another they'll be added into the series. But what I don't see is using those cars with their own championships. Daily races, at best. And unfortunately, because of of the cars' limited scope in Sport mode, they have a chance of ending up as what you just described, a car shelf, or an encyclopedia for cars, but with little identity of races and championships

    I hope this makes sense :dopey:
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  5. usmaan


    I like the idea, and if multi class racing it would be very good
  6. Lee x sensai

    Lee x sensai

    Super gt event sponser by PD , I think they could get super gt license since they already record the sound of Lexus GT 500. We going see it or soon later.
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  7. usmaan


    yh, hope they have both gt500 and gt300
  8. Lee x sensai

    Lee x sensai

    Same here but it would be funny we get only 500
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  9. Baliwa

    Baliwa Premium

    technically we already have GT300 cars, but yes we still missing JAF-GT and MC cars from GT300.
  10. Lee x sensai

    Lee x sensai

    I hope to see add that too
  11. 05XR8


    The Super GT championships in past GT games, weren't multi-class as they should have been. In GT1, we raced separate (JGTC)GT300 & GT500 events(could have been 3 GT300 & 3 GT500). GT6 should have been split 8 GT300 & 8 GT500.

    Maybe things change and there's at least multi-class in Super GT. Don't know if PD will blend Gr.3 in there, but we'll see.
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  12. JulesDennis


    iRacing has partership with those too.And does a pretty good job btw.

    Super GT could be possible if PD look deep in their pockets.
    CIGT looks easier since its not a major series but then again you dont need that to add GT3 cars/track in the game.
    DTM is imposible and never going to happen.Sector3 Studios has that license and even if (somehow) PD would find the money to do anything about that,why should they?I mean DTM is in a downhill these past years.Mercedes is leaving in the end of 2018 and that leaves DTM with AUDI and BMW.They are desperate to find another manufacturer to get into their series but I cannot see that happening.In other words why PD should spend a huge amount of money to get a license of a declining championship?It would make more sense to spend a lot less to get a GT4 championship(s) licence into the game -if this is something they want to do- since GT4 series are on the rise these days.
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