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    So I made a list of 9 suggestions that I posted to the beta bug report forums. 5 of which were forwarded to PD. Since then, I've posted 8 more.

    I've noticed in the "Bug Report Section" that posts that get 7 or more upvotes, are more likely to get forwarded. So I figured that as a last ditch effort, I could post here to get support & feedback from GTP. Also, feel free to post your bug reports/suggestions i.d. # so they can get upvoted as well. Mine are as follows:

    • #921 When using a steereing wheel, side view doesn't pivot/rotate

    • #922 Horn and Windshield Wipers options are missing from button assignments

    • #923 Custom Wheels

    • #924 Look to Apex

    • #925 Adjustable Volume Levels

    • #926 Countdown Timer Over Ghosted Vehicles, Flashing Before Returning Solid, or Color Coded Ghosts

    • #934 Chrome, Matte, Glossy, and Carbon Fiber Livery Textures

    • #935 Inverted/Negative Liveries, and Transparency/Translucency Options

    • #952 Livery Grouping for Movement, Rotation, Sizing, Adjustments, and Logo/Package Saving

    • #1008 Online Racing Teams, Team Livery Sharing, Points System, and Tournaments

    • #1009 Custom Wheels for Racing Teams/Clubs and user preferences

    • #1010 Hide HUD and Cycle Telemetry Data on the fly

    • #1011 Director Mode (Custom Replays)

    • #1012 Action Cam/Action Mode (Replay Options)

    • #1013 Optional HUD Elements (Name Tags, Opacity, Size, Style, Layout, etc.

    • #1014 Sport Mode Penalty System Algorithm Recommendations


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