Supported Racing Wheels?

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    A couple of weeks back Thrustmaster had listed Crew 2 in every single wheel I checked out. Yesterday I checked out if they had info on V Rally 4 yet.. They didn't and to my dissapointment Crew 2 was no longer listed under T500rs. Under T300 and T150 it was still listed.

    So has Ubisoft released any info on supported wheels? I'm on PS4/T500rs so that's the most important one :D

    Did wheels work in beta? How was it? Did you fly and drive bikes and boats with it too? I'd imagine driving a bike and flying a plane with a wheel might be somewhat awkward.

    Any info would be nice.
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    United States
    from ubisoft forums:

    PS4 Wheels
    [PS4/PC] Logitech G29 Driving Force Race Wheel + Logitech G Driving Force Shifter Bundle
    [PS4/Xbox One] TH8A Add-On Shifter
    [PS4/PC] Thrustmaster T-GT
    [PS4/PC] Fanatec csl elite racing wheel PS4
    [PS4/PC] Thrustmaster T500 RS Racing wheel
    [PS4/PC] Thrustmaster T150

    Official wheels supported.
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    I'm on G29, it works, but it's really hard to find proper settings for the wheel. For pedals it's easy peasy.
    Tried to ride a bike with the wheel, well it feels like... probably, ice skating on your hands.
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    I've managed to find tolerable wheel settings for my Thrustmaster T150 on PS4, for when I'm just driving around. Essentially no matter what you do steering with a wheel is going to feel more or less sluggish and the force feedback is dull - mostly just some generic resistance.
    With some of the high performance cars - like the Mercedes AMG GT3 I bought yesterday for instance - the settings I eventually choose (around 80% FFB, 450 degrees wheel rotation, mid linearity, no deadzone, and the last setting with the curve touching the corners) were not totally catastrophic and the cars feel more responsive than some of the slower street cars, I even did one of the race track races with it (otherwise I've been switching to the controller for races).

    It's quick and easy to switch between wheel and controller. Press one button and the device is registered as the active one and the other will no longer rumble/vibrate/ffb/whatever, and if you have eg. manual shifting on one and auto on the other, this will also change over immediately. You can even combine the devices - I've been sparing my wrists a little in some races (where I didn't want to be hampered by sluggish wheel steering) by steering with the controller but using pedals for throttle and brake.

    I was never expecting to be able to use a wheel for bikes and planes, but it's doable for cars and boats.
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    The Crew 2 beta for PS4 version supports the use of T500RS + TH8A, but it will cause FPS to drop, obviously feel delay, perhaps only 20FPS, remove T500RS & TH8A, FPS will return to normal, if you plug in T500RS & TH8A again,The Crew 2 Will crash, do not know if the official version has corrected this error.