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    Need tune for 900 hp at monza
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    I don’t have a tune that’s specific to Monza, but I have a 900hp Supra tune that I use in Cruise/Wangan lobbies, mostly on Tokyo East Inner/Outer loops. The tune is a little old, and I haven’t really tested it recently, so it might need some adjustment, but for the most part, it should work in terms of “taming the beast”

    Power Ratio %: 227 (903 HP)
    Weight Reduction Ratio %: 84 (2795 lbs)

    Tires: Sport Soft

    Brake Balance: -1

    Ride Height: 3.62 - 3.74
    Natural Frequency: 2.25 - 1.67
    Anti-Roll Bars: 10 - 10
    Damping (Compression): 67 - 65
    Damping (Rebound): 97 - 97
    Camber: 2.1 - 2.2
    Toe: (Out)0.15 - (In)0.55

    Initial Torque: 10
    Acceleration: 24
    Braking: 45

    (Set Final Gear to 5.000 to start)
    Top Speed (Auto Set) 220km/h (do not touch after setting ratios)
    1st: 1.861 /172
    2nd: 1.425 / 225
    3rd: 1.195 / 269
    4th: 1.020 / 315
    5th: 0.878 / 366
    6th: 0.750 / 441
    Final Gear: 2.535

    6th Gear is set so that the engine holds roughly 6000-6500 rpm at top speed. This is not redline, but this is where the engine makes the most horsepower.

    Use downshifting all the way to first to help slow the car down for slow speed corners. Short shift in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd to control wheel-spin. You can even short shift out of 4th, the engine has more than enough torque to deal with it. All that said, even with short shifting, accelerating out of slow corners and accelerating while turning, you need to be gentle with the throttle. Be smooth in how you apply the throttle, and remember that in lower gears, you don’t always need to go completely full throttle.
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