Surprising tune for HYUNDAI HCD-6 '01

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    Here's best ever tune for this wild animal, after spending quite lot of time I have managed to tune this car as, one of my best 500pp cars, please feed back so I can try even harder to come up with better one's.

    Upgrade car with absolutely everything such as, oil change,car wash, Racing Breaks and so on, everything there is for it.

    Racing Soft Tyre's
    Ballast 0 KG @ 0

    Weight Distribution 48------52
    Ride Height: 95------140
    Spring Rate: 6.66------3.85
    Dampers (Compression) 4------6
    Dampers (Extension) 4------6
    Anti Roll Bars 3------1
    Camber Angle 0.0------0.0
    Toe Angle 0.00------0.00
    Breaks 5------7
    Initial Torque 5
    Acceleration Sensitivity 6
    Braking Sensitivity 50

    Gears are optional but I use:
    Final gear on 2.500
    Maximum Speed on 168 mph for short tracks and 180 mph for longer tracks.

    Hope you all enjoy as much as I did.

    NOTE: I have updated this tune recently which is a incredible improvement and will add it in this tread soon, check it on Sunday!!!
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