Suzuki Escudo Dirt Trial Car

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  1. luisgo98

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    I found it in my UCD then I bought it for 1,9xx,xxx then I went straight to the GT Rally on the hardest level but it wasn't allowed :grumpy: can any one suggest another rally car for me :)
  2. boredgunner


    It doesn't come with dirt tires. Maybe that was the issue?
  3. luisgo98

    Philippines Manila

    no I bought dirt snow and racing softs for it
  4. It probably has way too much hp to participate in those events.
  5. Master Weasel

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    I don't think it's on the list of cars that can compete.

    But another good rally car you can use is the Lancia Delta Rally Car '85. You get it from winning the Gallardo event in A-spec.
  6. fjcatherine


    On the flipside, It's a really fun car to drive :-)
  7. jaimzthedrummer


    I found the best car to be the Mitsubishi Super Rally Car. It seems to be based on the Evo VIII WRC but has some extra grunt. Got it from the UCD for something around $700,000 from memory.

    Won the advanced rally challenge easily.

    Good luck :tup:

    Edit: Just checked the Matrix... it's $290,000, not $700k! My bad!
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  8. luisgo98

    Philippines Manila

    ok but I'm poor lol :)
  9. Jaywalker


    If you are able to do any of these events, you can win the following cars:

    Special Events
    Rally Gran Turismo Easy: Roadgoing Rally Car
    Rally Gran Turismo Intermediate: WRC Style Rally Car

    Grand tour
    Sebastien Loeb Rally Challenge Gold: Citroen C4 WRC '08 (P)

    A-Spec Expert
    Historic Racing Car Cup: Lancia STRATOS Rally Car '77 (S)
    Trofeo Gallardo: Lancia Delta S4 Rally Car '85 (S)
  10. luisgo98

    Philippines Manila

    got them all
  11. gazzamark


    Use the delta s4, I walked the GT rally and I'm useless on gravel.

    Wales Newport

    The S4 will do it. It's very good on snow stages and is quick on rally and road stages.
  13. This is because the Escudo was not a rally car :sly: But I used the S4, and I won all of the races by huge margins :)
  14. TeamOrecaViper


    Select the car in garage and put power limiter down low enouf ?
    Then it might work ?

    Dont forget the Ford RS200 Rally car as alternative (Realy fun little car)
  15. Villain

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    Wrong. It's because GT doesn't have it labelled at as "Rally Car." Otherwise it would smash that event and would be the best car available with a Rally ticket. That event only allows WRC cars, which the Escudo is not. A lack of involvement with WRC is hardly disqualification from being a rally car. :rolleyes:
  16. haha, I can't deny that, but it was more of a Hill Climb car, (only one seat), than a Textbook defenition of a Rally car.