Suzuki GSX-R/4 '01

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    Suzuki GSX-R/4 '01 - 563 PP, Racing Soft tires

    The purpose of this setup is to win the Suzuka 10-Lap Challenge on Racing Soft tires with one pit stop. Also wins very easily at Willow 10 lap, Brands Hatch 15 Lap, Ascari 10 Lap, etc. Does the Nurburgring 24 Minute, too.

    This GSX-R/4 has been extensively tested and race at the Suzuka event in order to develop stable, confidence-inspiring handling to pull off risky passes in the rain on all parts of the course.

    The car will run 7 good laps on a set of softs, but I recommend stopping lap 6. You should see 6's over 7's for tire wear; and 8's over 7's at the end of the race.

    By running lap times around 2:01 to 2:02, you should easily finish 15-30 seconds ahead of most any lineup. Be careful; the AI will bump and grind!

    SRF: Off
    TC: 0
    ABS: 1
    Setup developed on G27

    250 hp (used oil)
    582 kg
    563 pp (570 available with fresh oil)
    PL: 100%

    Parts to buy: WR III, engine tuning III, sports computer, racing exhaust, isometric exhaust manifold, sports catalytic, intake tuning, triple plate clutch, custom differential, custom suspension, custom transmission, racing brakes. Body rigidity improved.

    Transmission: Auto set 174 mph
    LSD: 8-6-25
    Ride height: 85/85
    Spring rate: 4.25/6.25
    Damper compression: 3/3
    Damper extension: 5/5
    Antiroll bars: 4/4
    Camber: 0.0/0.0
    Toe angle: +0.00/+0.10
    Brake balance: 2/0
    Tires: Racing soft
    DF: 15 optional but recommended
    Ballast: xxx @ negative figure such that resulting balance is as much as 51:49 to the front

    Edit: This a great setup to win Willow 8 Laps on SS tires against any lineup with only 450 PP. Use full ballast with no WR, 95% PL, sport exhaust, sport chip, sport cat, Stage I. Do the tranny trick and set the final for 4.125.
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    Ok newbie here. when you have the "Ballast" what does the 48/52 represent. Ballast weight or position.

    Thank you.
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    48 percent of the weight on front; 52 % on the rear. If you add ballast, just put it at the "0" position.
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    Amazing at Willow!! Thank you very much!!!
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    hey bro I tried to follow the tnning but I really cant understand a lot of stuff about the parts of the car and I cant do it as you say, so could you put it in some kind of order or be more specific? I would apreciate it a lot!
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    I don't know if I'm just stupid or what, but I cannot even come close to winning the suzuka 10 lap with this car. I can win any of the other named races (willow,ascari,ect) without any issue. But when it comes to this race every checkpoint I hit, I'm another ten seconds behind the pack. I can't even get out of last before the pack goes away. Any tips?
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    The most stable set-up for this car I have driven yet. Nice work, and thank you for sharing Dotini.
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