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    NK4E: What will be your favorite console racing simulation to drift in, but if you don't have any choices? A good suggestion would be between Forza Motorsports, Gran Turismo or Enthusia and why would you choose that game? The reason I only choose those three because they are very popular and any other type of racing out that I kind of know of like LFS or GTR is on PC, and that’s if you tried drifting in all three games.

    Swift: I only drift in GT4 so I have to say it’s my favorite. I’ve played almost all the games you’ve mentioned. But I don’t get into PC Games much since you have to spend a good amount of cash on a PC to get it up to specs for the latest games.

    Drift2XS: What got you interested in drifting and cars in general and how long have you been interested in these two topics?

    Swift: I’ve been into cars for as long as I can remember. But I guess I really got “into” cars after I got my first car when I was 24 and started to understand the difference between driving fast and being a fast driver. :D As far as drifting goes, I have to say that Initial D was my first exposure to the sport. But I was fortunate enough to have the sense to NOT run around and compare any and all drift related material to Initial D. A lot of new members seem to have this issue.
    D: What are your interests/hobbies besides drifting and GTP?

    Swift: I used to play an insane amount of video games…Then I got engaged. :D But seriously, I do a lot of work in the church, produce videos and other multimedia and of course video games. I like game like God of War, Devil May Cry, Fight Night Round 3, NBA Street etc. The fun games that don’t required you to put in over an hour in one sitting.

    D: What kind of music do you like?

    Swift: Gospel. Even country gospel I can stand. I just can’t stand regular country or opera. I’ll deal with anything else but those two! I like any kind of Gospel though and love to pump the bass and have people looking at me at the gas stations or at red lights. Hey, if people that listen to rap can do it, why not do it with music to praise God? 
    D: What’s your favorite band?

    Swift: I’d have to say Israel and the New Breed. Though most of you probably have zero clue who that is.

    D: What TV shows do you like to watch?

    Swift: I don’t, seriously. I probably watch 24 hours of TV a year. But if I have nothing going on some weekday afternoons I like to catch reruns of Star Trek: TNG

    D: What are some of your favorite movies?

    Swift: Too many to list. But some of my tops are Shrek 2, LOTR trilogy, Spidey 1-2, Pulp Fiction(though that’s from my earlier days.) And a lot of fun stupid stuff. Like True Lies, National Lampoon’s vacation, and Tango and Cash.

    D: Do you enjoy being a moderator?

    Swift: Yes. There are days I wish I was just a member sometimes. But 90% being a mod is cool. I get to swing the ban stick and shut down threads. It’s cool to have the power. But then I also have to deal with idiots that muck up our otherwise great community. I do like the other mods I work with even though we have very different views of politics and religion. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Duke face to face and that was quite a fun experience. I actually never intended on being a mod. But the spot came up and Der Alta asked if I would be willing to fill it. We had a vote and for some reason I got about 41% and that made me the new mod. About 2 months later I was promoted to super-mod.

    D: How did you come up with your name Swift?

    Swift: It wasn’t my idea. :D I started working on a site called Guardimpact.com. It was a soul Calibur community. The best, much like GTP is to Gran Turismo. I was then known as Azeil or Cybersamurai. Anyway, my first task was to fix the front page and it did it in less then 20 minutes. So the main webmaster started calling me “samurai-swift”. So I just took off the samurai part and started going by Swift. I think its pretty slick. :D
    D: If you could own any five cars, what would they be and why?

    1. 1978 Trans Am. Black with the gold firebird on the hood. Favorite car from my childhood.
    2. 300zx Twin Turbo. My all time favorite car from my adolescence
    3. Porsche 911 Carerra 4s Cabriolet: uh..duh.. It’s a Porsche, do you need a reason? :D
    4. BMW 330i or 330xi. Capable, fun and stylish car I wouldn’t mind my wife driving if weather got bad.
    5. Ford Expedition: Gotta have something to transport the family in!

    D: What are some of your favorite games other than the GT series?

    Swift: GoW I-II, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3, Devil May Cry, Xmen Legends 2

    D: If Polyphony Digital could add or change anything on the GT series to make drifting better, what would it be?


    Vtec513: I don't see much of your drifting anymore here on GTP. What you been up to in the last year are you working on a new project? If so when will it be released?

    Swift: To be honest, I really don’t have much time to capture the video from my drifting. I know that sounds really arrogant, but it’s true. The last project I worked on was the second magazine release from IDM.
    Tulok: I don't see much of your drifting anymore here on GTP. What you been up to in the last year are you working on a new project? If so when will it be released?

    Swift: Same as last question

    T: Do you like the typical drift cars more or less than rarities and uncommon? Why or why not? Are they any easier like IRL?

    Swift: I like the typical ones for getting the fundamentals down and for showing off. The care I drift the most is probably the 91 FD RS. The only problem is most people try to put more power then start drifting. Rather then start drifting and adding power later. I wouldn’t know about IRL as I don’t have a drifting experience in the real world. 

    T: Why do you think people like the typical drift cars more?

    Swift: Because they’re in Initial D. I’m very serious when I say that. How many people even KNEW what the Trueno was before that series was released?

    T: Why do you think that cars have switched to front wheel drive O_o?

    Swift: Two very simple reasons. Cost and stupidity. It costs less to manufacture FF cars and they’re generally easier to drive for the stupid populous.
    T: What car would be the coolest to see drift in GT4?

    Swift: Mine, but its FF so that’ll never happen! :D

    Drift King
    : How Did You Find GTP?

    Swift: Searching for ways to drift in GT3. It finally came up. Then, like an idiot I started trying to use the drift settings instead of techniques.

    : Are You Related to
    Swift: Well of course how else do am I supposed to get my name out there. ;)

    Suzuki: Swift, what do YOU do to get better at drifting?

    Swift: I don’t let myself get annoyed. Well, not too annoyed. And I always go back to the tracks that I have the most fun with. Midfield and Trial Mountain to be exact. By doing this, I keep the fun level up while not getting too frustrated. It’s much easier to learn when you’re not frustrated.

    S: Any recommendations for the new guys (to get better) besides practice or tuning?

    Swift: Yes, practice tuning! Heh heh. Anyway, yeah I would say have fun. If you get mad you won’t get better so have fun. If you can only drift one car really well that’s better then being able to drift five cars and be a novice. Also, don't try to learn all the technical stuff at once. Just let it accrue as you start to understand the physics of the game.

    S: What tires do you prefer to use and why?

    Swift: N2’s just because they’re closest to the sims from GT3

    S: Do you have any favorite sections?

    Swift: Yeah, the uphill in Trial Mountain, the long left sweeper in Apricot Hill and the left at the end of Midfield II
    S: What members do you miss from back in the day and why?

    Swift: Delphic Reason most of all. He was a paramount person in helping me become a good drifter. I miss Catch-My-Drift, Edd1e and DroptopChick as well. She was a trip.

    Geoff: what is for you the most important thing(s) polyphony should do to make GT5 the perfect drift game? And so what is the thing(s) that would waste GT5?

    Swift: I don’t think the perfect drift game exists or could even be created. But I think that PD should focus on some things that drifters look for. Like a more realistic car center. Realistic understeer for cars with the appropriate tuning/equipment and CIRCUIT courses. I’m still trying to figure out why they don’t have those in GT. Of course, it needs online play very badly.
    Geoff: What would waste GT5?

    Swift: Uh, waiting to long to release it? Now that you can download upgrades/patches, there is no excuse to wait 4+ years for the next installment. To be honest, it should’ve been out already.

    Loon: Out of the 3 silvia sisters, which is your favorite and why?

    Swift: If you count the Sil 80 in there then I got to go with that. Just because it’s the first car I can say I actually “drifted” in GT4.

    Shangoob: did finish the GT4 game?

    Swift: Nope. I have no intention of it either.

    S: what do you think of 24 H endurance tracks? I mean is there any time for play 24 H ?

    Swift: It works for teenagers, college students and others. But for a lot of people, they’re just not feasible. I haven’t done one to this day.

    Ultrabeat: What's the most important factor for you in a car?

    Swift: There’s a question for you. In a real car it would have to be potential. Originally, I thought my car was rather weak, now I’ve come to find out it can literally hang with the top cars in its class on the autocross circuit. So I have a new way of looking at a car’s potential. Most people just look at the numbers. But like a movie, good actors don’t always make a good movie (Grand Canyon).

    In GT4 it’s without a doubt control at the limit. Some cars have great control at the limit, some cars don’t even let you know you’re close until you’re spinning. :D. I like a car that can respond well even when I’m near full lock. It’s important to me that a car be versatile. You can add on power and all the rest, but if a car isn’t capable in the first place, it’s not going to be with more power.

    Thanks guys, this has been fun. Too bad I can only do one. :D

    Maybe we can have doubles in the future? :tup:
    I would like to thank you Swift for taking your time to provide us with some insight to yourself!
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    Awesome interview Swift, really enjoyed reading what you had to say. Especially about the Initial D stuff. :lol:
    Though I have to admit that I didn't know about the Trueno until Initial D, I did know about drifting though. :D

    Great job Suzuki and Swift, best interview so far imo. :tup:
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    DK: Are You Related to
    Swift: Well of course how else do am I supposed to get my name out there.
    Nk: Then are you also related to Suzuki?
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    No, it's not a large enough advertisement! :sly: