T248 buttons and telemetry doesn't react

  • Thread starter Gut3k
Hi. I bought the T248 steering wheel in PS/PC version a few months ago. I play on a computer and the steering wheel worked flawlessly. Once, after a 2-week break, I decided to play it again, but I noticed that although the steering wheel is lit and theoretically works, the buttons and telemetry (the small screen on the steering wheel) do not respond to anything. In the control panel, left and right steering wheel movement is detected, but pressing any button is not. I have a suspicion that the steering wheel has switched to Playstaytion mode, but unfortunately I am unable to change it, because the telemetry simply does not work and does nothing but glow, and the steering wheel does not have a physical switch from PS to PC. Windows doesn't detect it as "T248 Steering Wheel" or anything like that, but as "FFB Racing Wheel". Going into connected devices, said steering wheel has a different name along with a controller icon, not a steering wheel icon, and a second device appears as: "Gui_Hid_Usb_Lower_Device_Filter_Raw_Pdo_01" which is not loaded at all and has a yellow exclamation mark next to it.