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Hey guys,

I've been trying to get my hands on PC2 and I have a T300. I've been trying to set the right ffb in this game but no matter what I do, the ffb always comes off very weird. I also play GTS and F1 and ffb in those games are pretty satisfying. However, this game just gets me confused. I've spent so much time trying to look for the right setting online, seen videos, toyed with the setting myself and guess what....NOTHING. it is just unplayable I have a feeling. anyone else having the same issue with the t300? thanks
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
I'm on the TX, xbox equivalent to the T300, I normally use these settings.

Flavour = Raw
Gain = 80
Volume = 60
Tone = 40
FX = 60

I also set the steering sensitivity up a little higher from 50 to 60 to decrease the numb feeling you get around the centre.

I find this quite direct & snappy, just how I like it, but you may hate it. Also tbh I spend 75% of my time using the controller.

Also I don't use any aids, not because I'm an alien (far from it) but I feel they get in the way of full car control regarding my controller & wheel setup configurations that's all.

Anyways I hope it helps a little & leads you towards your ideal setup. 👍
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However, this game just gets me confused.
First off PC2 is different to GT etc so it's not necessarily the FFB that might be causing you problems it is quite often the different physics that newcomers have trouble adjusting too. It's not quite so "jump in and wizz around the corners" it's a game that rewards you when spending time to master it. ;)

In PC2 a lot depends on track and tyre conditions. Track temperatures (time of day/month/year) and tyre types play a very important factor. When learning it's best to have a hot dry track. Oh and don't jump into high powdered cars straight away, work you way up to them.

But for the FFB. I won't recommend any settings since I have a different wheel to you but I'll explain the options.

Flavours - Give a different feel to the FFB.
Immersive: tries to give a more realistic feel and tends to feedback information about what the front of the car is doing. Tends to lean towards a heavier wheel
Informative: gives a slightly more balanced approach and provides more info from the rear of the car. This I find is a more GT like feel.
(Note for both of the above. The game uses a self calibrating feature that requires a few laps to adjust when making setting changes. This doesn't apply when using RAW)
Raw: removes any emphasis and sends the full FFB to the wheel.

Gain - Overall strength of all effects. Some say have this at 100% but I personally would lower it to allow headway to increase the other settings if needed.

Volume - The strength of the wheel. Basically it's the resistance to turning. If you want a heavier wheel increase this. However if you set this too high you won't feel many subtle effects because the motors can only do so much at once.

Tone - The effects sent to the wheel. If you want to feel more of what the tyres are doing move it more to right of centre if you'd like more suspension effects move it left. Different cars have different effects from this option.

FX - gives simulated effects for road bump, kerbs etc. Increase it to your liking, although having it too high may cause FFB spikes.

It is possible to map the volume and tone to buttons so you can adjust them on the fly.

Hope that might be of some use. Feel free to ask further questions, someone usually has an answer.

That went on longer than I intended!! :dopey:
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United Kingdom
Here are my settings if it helps:

Here are my main settings that relate to FFB and steering.

Flavour: Immersive
Gain: 65
Volume: 50
Tone: 60
FX: 50

Steering Deadzone: 0
Steering Senstivity: 50
Speed Sensitivity: varied. I use this setting to dial out twitchy high speed behaviour in some cars when running any default setup races where you don't have access to steering ratio etc. Typically in the range of 5 to 25.
Hello People, i bought PC2 yesterday what a fantastic Game.
Does anyone have some advice to Setup the force Feedback in a way that ist feels like PC1?
PC1 is By far the best Racing SIM on Console imo. The Cars feel and drive so Natural it’s incredible and the Most underrated and Long forgotten Racing Game.
It’s a Jewel.
Sorry i Went off topic. I played around for Hours with the ffb but nothing Seems to feel similar like PC1.
If anyone has an advice would be awesome…


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Does anyone have some advice to Setup the force Feedback in a way that ist feels like PC1?
The trouble is that PC2 has changed physics to PC1, the cars feel and behave differently, so replicating it is probably tricky. Especially since PC2 has vastly reduced FFB settings to fiddle with.

I haven't played PC1 for some time to remember the FFB feel, but I'd say to try the immersive setting and to turn up the tone.
That was my guess to. The physics dont seem to be the Same, but after some More testing today i finally switched from the RAW Setting to the immersive one, and it feels much better now. Still Not the Same as PC1 but it’s more drivable to me.
I‘m not going to bother with more ffb Settings, maybe a Little tweak here and there but overall i already like the feel.
Still, PC1 is unbeatable imo.
Thanks for your reply. :cheers:
Hello People, after many days of some sweaty driving and testing a lot around, I finally would say that I pretty much tweaked the ffb to a level where I think it can’t get any better.
To me, at least.
I understand that every person has its own taste, but I think we can all agree that everyone should like a tasty slice of Pizza and an ice cold Coke :D
Having that said I think what I tweaked might be the best ffb setup for our T300 and I would like to highly recommend at least everybody who is not definitely satisfied with the way how the Steering feels to give it a try.

Personally I would even go so far and appreciate it if even some Veterans like @Scaff would take their time to try out my Settings and hear some opinions how they feel with the way I set it up.
I‘m always open to some criticism and advice if it’s constructive.

In the following I’m going to describe my approach which has led to my, most probably, final setup.

I took a Car I really appreciate to drive. In my Case it was the old Mercedes 190 group A Car. Completely stock. Default setup. Authentic Driving AIDS only. I usually drive with ABS turned off, but used the weak setting for my testing as I‘m able to much better judge the cars‘ handling, trail braking and weight distribution.
I than chose some tracks that I’m very familiar with.
I entered a Private Session and began to drive. Lap after lap I slowly began to pick up pace and gradually pushed the Car harder through the Corners.
My main goal was to not overdrive the Car, as my intention was to get a feeling for what the Car does under given circumstances and speeds, and how that translates or is being transferred through the Wheel itself.

I paid a lot of attention to different aspects.
Tires, Suspension, Weight Transfer, Braking to mention the more obvious Aspects.
But the devil lies in the more nuanced and subtle things which I paid even more attention to as these are to me the things that make or break my Sim experience and illusion, Virtually driving a Car.
The small things like feeling oversteer kicking in, and being able to react to it and counter the Consequences of spinning.
Also feeling Understeer and being able to react to that.
The Weight Shifts under Braking, loading the Front Tires, respectively unloading the front and shifting Weight towards the rear while accelerating out of Corners.
Trail Braking especially was an aspect which i tried to cover and fully delivered.
The Suspension and feel for the Road Surface.
Tires and Contact to the Road.
Overall I tried to get it felt like really driving a Car. Naturally and intuitive.

English is not my native language so it’s not easy for me to use the right Words and I could write so much more, which eventually wouldn’t say anything more, but I can definitely say I tried my best what I think a Car should feel like in a Videogame and how it feels compared to the real World.
I drive Cars for over 25years, have driven endlessly many Cars over that time.
Small ones all the way up to the big Boys.
And I can assure that with these settings, you’ll experience all of that and of course much more as I’ve never pushed a Car in real World so hard as i did in this Game.
But I’m pretty sure that this is how it would have felt.
Don’t get me wrong, I‘m fully aware that it’s still just a Videogame played with a cheap plastic toy Wheel, but the Immersion was incredible.
It gives me the full Control over the Car, and mistakes or journeys into the gravelpit are fully on my side.
No excuses.
There’s no moments like ah, it’s the games‘ fault. No. It’s totally me to blame for pushing to hard or just simply not having the Talent to compensate for my stupidity thinking I made the right choice taking certain Corners and not being able to accordingly react to the Information the Car is giving me.
Because the Information was there, I just didn’t pay attention or simply thought close your Eyes, it will go well.
Nope, it won’t :D
So overall, like I said I think this Game, no, this Gem, this in its raw default Out of the Box unpolished Jewel is overwhelmingly underrated by many Gamers out there who maybe just didn’t took the time to understand, or maybe lack the knowledge how to set it up properly, simply gave up, shelfed it and forgot about what they could have had if they just would have given it some proper seat time.
I don’t know how often I almost cried out loud, simply of joy and happiness, because that’s what this Game triggered me to.
I thought I’d never again get so much joy out of a Racing Game since I abandoned Project Cars 1 in 2017, and went over to GTS.
I even preordered PC2 when it was first released in 2017, I think it was a month before GTS was released.
But since I was on a base PS4 playing with Controller, I was shocked how bad it looked and felt on Console.
I was so disappointed that I sold it 2 days later and never looked back.
Then GTS caught my attention and I got hooked.
I bought a Wheel, a T150 and felt like wow, this Game is really good.
I‘m such a fool :lol:
After many years on GTS, a few Weeks ago I accidentally took a look in the PsStore and noticed that PC2 was on sale for like what? 15€?! Ha, ok let’s give it a try. I was sick of GTS, I wanted something different and as soon as downloaded it and turned it on, I was hooked and couldn’t believe what I have missed all the years.
The perfect Console Sim which in my honest opinion beats GTS in somewhat EVERY single aspect.

But anyway it’s late and I don’t want to overblow this massively huge Wall of Text even more.
Oh, yes before I forget, you may ask, so where are those fancy Settings this strange Dude is talking about…

Here they are, I’m glad to be able to share them with you my Fellow Racers…
Flavor Immersive
Gain 86
Volume 38
Tone 36
FX 55
Enjoy them, have fun and like I said, if you have any questions or scratch your head because you might say, Man, those Settings are awful, bash me, thank me, whatever.
Just keep it over the Belt Line :lol:
Cheers :cheers:

PS. Special shout out to @IfAndOr;)
My way to describe this Game and how I now feel about it
Especially looking at you GTS, this Song says all :sly:
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One other thing @PirovacBoy, if you attach a USB keyboard or keypad you can map many more function to it, among them the FFB volume and tone controls. You can then, if you need to, adjust the settings on the fly while on track because some cars will feel different to others. Of course you can map them to your wheel but that leaves you short of buttons then.

Something like this keypad is just fine. It can be wireless if needed.
As you can see this one has had labels added.
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