T300rs gt edition ffb problemF1 2021 

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Hello, I have for 5 years a T300rs Gt edition and recently I have a problem with the force feedback that is to say that when I turn the steering wheel to the right the wheel will come back very quickly but if I do it on the left the wheel will come back slowly and when I hold the wheel on the side of the motor brings the wheel back quickly for 10/20 seconds I noticed that the direction is reversed it is now the left that returns quickly and vice versa. I tried to update the firmware and drivers of the steering wheel, I also tried a software that allows to recalibrate the steering wheel that works but not more than 3/4 minutes and the ffb restard to decalibrate. Also after 5 minutes or so of playing the ffb just fade out but the bumps and effects on the road still work.

Thanks in advance.

(Sorry if my english is bad, I'm French)
Looking at your video seems to be a mechanical problem inside the wheel, not the game. Try to make the rest following this procedure. Turn on the power of console or pc, center the wheel press SE, ST and MODE all at once. After that turn the power off and turn back on in 2 minutes and see if the calibration change. If still the same it's a mechanical problem inside, maybe the belt.

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