Tagging Games When Uploading Media

New Zealand
South Auckland, New Zealand
I'm planning to start uploading a lot more of my shots to GTPlanet as a means of storing them somewhere in all their pixel-rich goodness. Bearing in mind I've had very little to do with the media and albums side of GTP before aside from a few shots for a few specific articles.

I was uploading a couple just now, and I noticed the section where you can tag the game from which the shot was taken in. More specifically, I noticed the fact that the games labelled within were... rather dated. 🤔

Is the game tagging something that was consciously made redundant ages ago, or is it simply something that nobody's bothered to utilize it so it was never kept up to date and thus forgotten?



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United States
United States
Yeah, it never really caught on and it had indeed grown quite obsolete. Thanks for reminding me of it — it's gone now!