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    Hey everyone!

    Been messing around on the Course Maker for about a day now and thought I'd share some of my created/recreated tracks! You can find all of my tracks here:!/friend/superdowg316/course/

    I'm always open for feedback with my tracks and any suggestions as well!

    Hockenheimring (2001)
    Location: Hockenheim, Germany
    Track Length: 8.567km
    Accuracy: 1.744km longer than real length
    Track Type: Recreation
    Description: My first created track. A bit too large and a little mistake on the second straight headed towards Ostkurve but still a fairly accurate track as far as billboards, bridges and curbs go.

    Williams Autodrome

    Location: Cologne, Germany
    Track Length: 9.475km
    Accuracy: ----
    Track Type: Original
    Description: My first fantasy track. Tried to make it a mix between a Herman Tilke track and an old school track with fast corners and long straights. The backstraight is 1.9km long and a lot of elevation changes as it was on Eifel standard. Quiet a challenging track to get right honestly.

    Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit
    Location: Cowes, Australia
    Track Length: 4.688km
    Accuracy: 0.243km longer than real life
    Track Type: Recreation
    Description: A track I've driven on countless times in the past 4 years. Apart from the short run from Honda to Siberia and having to make MG wider, this is probably one of the more accurate ones I've done.

    Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari
    Location: Imola, Italy
    Track Length: 4.407km
    Accuracy: 0.502km shorter than real life
    Track Type: Recreation
    Description: One of my favourite tracks to do. It was just fun recreating this track and I actually thought I got the length more accurate that what it said I got. Think it could be made up if I had the opportunity for tighter corners and to bend the start finish line.
    I'll be updating this post more as I make more tracks as well so stay tuned!