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  1. Zero_angel


    Hello and welcome to all Ferrari fan's

    This Thread is as it tittle implies i wanna make a team in GT5 full of Ferrari Fan's/Owner's etc. Here is the requirement to be a member you only have to like the brand but if you wanna be part of the racing team you will have to prove yourself don't worry I'm not a really good driver but i can hold my own and i wont ask for semi racing god's. I will also take part on all the event's i can except for drifting unless one of our drifters can show me how to get it right whit a controller.

    Team #1 Scuderia Ferrari A-spec

    This team is dedicated to race like endurance race time trials etc.

    Terms to be in this team.

    You will first have to set your best lap time in GT5P on at least 3 of the 6 this also includes variations track's please give video proof via YouTube and each of those lap's must be whit a different Ferrari.

    Team#2 Scuderia Ferrari Nascar

    This team is dedicated to Nascar races only

    Terms to be in this team.

    Give me your best time on Daytona(Oval)

    Since Ferrari doesn't has a Nascar team unless we get a livery editor you will have to make a psn account that has Ferrari and Nascar. This one is open for ideas so please let me know and we will have a poll on them.

    Team #3 Scuderia Ferrari Rally

    This team is dedicated to rally races.

    Term's to be in this team well same as A-spec team but do the time in one take like it was a point to point rally on any GT game. This one is open for ideas so please let me know and we will have a poll on them

    Team #4 Scuderia Ferrari Drift

    This team is dedicated to drifting

    Term's to be in this team just impress me whit your best drift and be creative and must be whit a Ferrari.

    Team#5 Scuderia Ferrari B-spec

    This team is dedicated to all B-spec races.

    Term's you must have experience on GT4 B-spec mode just show me how good you are.

    Team #6 Scuderia Ferrari Performance

    This team is for those of you that might not like racing allot or cant qualify to be in any of the racing teams is you job to make upgrades to certain cars and for certain races. You will also work whit all of the drives as they give you valuable input on the cars performance. Remember this is the heart and soul of each and one of the car's you drive so put you heart into it.

    Term's to be on this team you must use the PP system to make the car faster i will personally test them whit the first 5 driver's that pass the test to be in the racing division and drift division. I want you to document everything just in case someone has the same set up as you do that way we can separate the fake ones from the real ones. You will also need to learn about the tuning in GT5 wen GT5 is release ill make another test for the ones that are already in the team and for the newcomers.

    Ferrari Club in this area we will talk about everything Ferrari from car's to Ferrari Gear.

    Be nice if you have any problem please dell whit it in a civilized manner.
    Remember working together is the way to achieve victory. If anyone dares insult a team mate depending on the reasons you will get a warning you will get 3 warning's per week if you get 4 in one week your out of the team.

    Car's will be distributed by race and event's if you don't like your car please let me know and ill do all i can to make sure you use the one you like unless the condition for the race denies it.

    Punishment's anyone getting caught leaking set up info to another team will be permanently remove from our team if your racing and you leave the race without a good excuse you will have to sit on the bench for 24 hour's if you think that you wont be able to get to a race in time please contact me 1 hour before the race start's or sooner.

    Track day's rules if one of your team mates ask you to teach him a track or style of racing please don't say no help your team mate in any possible way each track day session will have a moderator assign by me if you have any problem please consult him he/she must be responsible for the track layout we will use course maker.

    Course designer pm a drawing of your best track layout whit 10km max and i will send you the info for the track's that we will use on track days.

    Moderator staff i need loyal and understanding people for this job is your job to keep everything in order anyone that want's to be a mod just pm.

    I might make a Maserati Team but ill wait until we have the list of there car's for GT5.

    Must important of all just have fun.
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    2 words: Wrong Forum
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    Yeah i cant post on the GT5 Forum
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    That doesn't mean you should open threads in the wrong forums.
    This is gonna get locked anyway
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    So you knew it was the wrong forum, but still you made the post...

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