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Sweet Summer Child
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With FM6's excellent and extensive online racing content, it seems to me folks might want to tell their heroic tales of victory snatched from the jaws of defeat (or vice versa.) I'll start.

With the Ferrari 312P only available by finishing in the top 50% of the Can-Am Challenge in League play, I've finally broken down and done some online racing.

I logged on tonight to do just one race. I was in my Nissan R382 and surprisingly lined up in first place at Long Beach. At the green light, I took off. The drag race down the long curving front straight saw a McLaren and then a Lola get past me. The McLaren slowed for the first corner, but the Lola totally missed their braking point and took both cars out in the first corner. I didn't even have to change my racing line. I just drove past them into first place.

For the rest of the race, I maintained my position. I was only challenged once, when a Lola tapped me from behind at the end of the back straight. However, it was a light tap, and he was obviously on his brakes just like I was. It was a minor tap. No harm, no foul, and I kept my position.

I got my first first-place finish on dry pavement, and I was especially pleased by the win. I race with a controller, I race in automatic, I don't tune my cars and Long Beach isn't my best track. But I kept it together and got the win.