TH8A as handbrake PS5

  • Thread starter Mateusz90
Hello, could someone please check in dirt rally and dirt rally 2.0 if on ps5 we could still use th8a as a handbrake?
Ps4 recognized th8a as a separate device, but I've read, that on PS5 shifter has to be connected to wheel base, not usb.
Is this true, that shifters sequential mode is then the same as paddle shifters, so that handbrake cannot be used as "sequential" function of th8a without loosing ability to change gears on paddle shifters?
I realize this response is a little late. This actually has to do with which version of a game you are playing and not the PS5 hardware. For example, both Dirt Rally and Dirt Rally 2.0 will work as they did on your PS4 while connected to the PS5 via USB since they are PS4 games. Same with GT Sport. However, for the PS5 version of games like GT7, Dirt5, WRC 9&10, etc. the TH8A needs to be plugged into the wheel base’s DIN connection. This is on Thrustmaster’s site under Game Settings and I have confirmed it unfortunately. Sounds like a TSS is in on the wishlist for me.