Thanks for Your Help on BMW Z4 GT3 '11 Tunes!

I am fairly new to this game, and I have seen many people saying that Gr.3 cars can be down-tuned for PP700 races (WTC 700 at Sarthe, etc.). Therefore I bought a BMW Z4 GT3 '11, a car that I liked even before playing this game. But I did not see any PP700 tunes for this car, and not many PP700 down-tunes for Gr.3 cars in general. What I saw is a PP730 build with RH. So I have the following questions:

  1. Why is there a PP730 tune for Gr.3 cars? Right now I have not unlocked any races that limit PP at 730, so I am very curious about the reason for building PP730 tunes - are there new races to be unlocked later?

  2. What is the general methodology to down-tune Gr.3 cars for PP700? And, if possible, could you please share your PP700 tuning for BMW Z4 GT3 '11? It will really help me a lot!
Thanks a lot, my friends! Enjoy!

You unlock 730pp races by progressing through GT Café. There are currently four 730pp events. Spa, Suzuka and Maggiore are 5-lap races while Daytona is a 10-lap race.

There are a few differences between them and 800pp races. First, there all are "chilli" races, meaning that the AI is a bit more faster. Second, they all have rolling starts with cars close to each other. Finally, while in 800pp races the grid will always be the same (same cars in the same position), in 730pp it's randomized. The only thing fixed is your position, which will always be 10th place.

Important to note that 730pp races have a very specific restriction: you can only use racing cars. This means you can't use any road car here, even if it's below that PP.

From the way I see it, 730pp races are fast sprint races. Just try your best. 800pp events is where you can tune and bring whatever you want.

This also applies to Gr.4 events. There are currently two 630pp Gr.4 events at Brands Hatch and High Speed Ring, both 5-laps. Then you have the WTC 700 events, which are all 10-laps.

As for the methodology for bringing GT3 cars dow to 700pp, honestly, I think a specific tune is not necessary. I tested the Gr.3 Corvette on the Le Mans event once just using ballast and power restrictor. Even below 700pp GT3 cars are fast with good fuel efficiency, so it's pretty easy to win.