The 2,000 Mile Race

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  1. Grifimus


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    Summary :gtpflag:
    Ever wanted to drive across the United States at like 240 mph? Well now is your chance! Using the Special Stage Route X as the track, and allowing you to make pit stops every so laps, gives the drive a realistic feel to driving over such a great distance! There is more information about the event coming this way.

    Basic Information:

    Race Track: Special Stage Route X
    Weather/Time: The weather is normal and the time will start at 18:00 on a time progression of 1
    Fuel Consumption/Tire Wear: Normal
    Will There be Pie?: Yes :dopey:


    PP Level: 650 or lower
    Car Type: Street Legal
    Recommended Number of Pit Stops: Will be calculated when race is clarified
    Nitrous: Allowed
    Vehicle Tuning: The race is being sponsored by Phantom Racing, so yes!
    Can I Bring my Pet?: Absolutely! :p

    Important Things to Remember:

    1. Bring a street legal car that is 650 pp or under.
    2. The event starts on Saturday, April 19, 2014 at 6:00 pm Eastern 3:00 pm Pacific.
    This will be a VERY long race, it'll probably last up to more than 2 hours, be sure that you are ready to race on this track. There will be no resets or re-dos' after the event begins.
    Got any Questions?
    -Ask me questions on here and I will be happy to answer them! ;)
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  2. Jimmy_Pop


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    8-9 hours at Route X straight? not to mention any car you bring will go through rigidity deterioration, so mind how much it is to fix the car unless you don't care.

    Cool idea, but depening on who joins it could get super boring, something like stage 7 the 14 mile one would liven it up at least a little more than... right turn, straight...... right turn repeat. Hopefully the servers allow the whole completion of the 9 hour run.
  3. GTPorsche


    2000mi/240mph = 8 hours 20 minutes.

    Good luck...
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  4. Wide Boy

    Wide Boy

    Could get boring!!! Winner would be the last one awake.
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  5. kolio


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    Brilliant idea, with your supporting info!
    Not sure if many people will be interested, I am definitely interested but cannot make the schedule by a 99% chance.