The 2 Hours of Blue Moon Bay (CANCELLED)

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    In the spirit of the recent 24 Hours of Daytona, take part in The 2 Hours of Blue Moon Bay endurance race!

    Roar Before The 2 (CANCELLED)
    This is a short test race to get some practice and test tyre/fuel rates.
    Date: Feb 3, 20:00 UTC
    15 min qualifying
    40 min race
    Time of day: 13:00

    The 2 Hours of Blue Moon Bay (CANCELLED)
    Date: Feb 10, 20:00 UTC
    15 min qualifying
    2 hour race
    Time of day: 6:30

    Race Settings
    Track: Blue Moon Bay - Infield A
    Classes: Gr. 1 (max 8 entries) and Gr. 3
    No BoP
    RH tyres
    Tyre wear: 3 times
    Fuel consumption: 3 times
    Rolling start
    Assists allowed
    Other settings set to be as realistic as possible
    Lobby will open 30 minutes before the start of qualifying

    Sign up!
    Please provide your PSN name and which class you’d like to run (Gr.1 or Gr.3)

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