The 9 hours of Tsukuba-Second Stint

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    So I finally decided to do this race. I'm hoping it wont take me more than 2-3 days to finish it. My car of choice is the GT-R N24 Shulze Motorsport '11. Let me start out by saying what an amazing car this is. I took it fresh out of the garage, un-broken in and un-fiddled with, completely stock, and it's just so balanced and comfortable to drive. It really helps you get lulled into that rhythm and the laps just fly by.

    First Stint:
    The race started with an off on the long sweeper at the end of the first lap, putting me back in 12th place. I managed to compose myself and by the end of Lap 10 was back in first place. That's pretty much the only exciting thing that's happened to me so far, it's all just mind numbing repetition. I am worried about the blue S2000 GT1 Turbo though. Once my tires start to go off around half-tank I can't seem to make up any ground on him. My strategy is to run the fuel tank down to empty before I pit, and I can go exactly 75 laps in order to do that. By the time I pit, I am 2 laps ahead of the S2000, my fastest lap is a 55.911, and I'm really not looking forward to the rest of this race.

    Second Stint:
    Much like the first, this one was boring. The S2000 made up a lap when I was in the pits, I made that lap back when he pitted AND made up a lap on track. I was so happy when I passed him. So far it seems like we can go almost a whole stint and never see each other, we're that evenly matched. I didn't do a very good job of pacing myself this time, so I was only able to go 74 laps. The tires seem to wear out pretty evenly, but again I had the problem where I couldn't make time on the S2000 after about half way on fuel. It seems like I hit this wall, where my lap times drop off a full second and it happens in the space of 2-3 laps. So far I am 3 laps ahead, best lap is 55.722, 149 laps completed, 2:23:48 is the time on the clock. I can only do one stint at a time. I'm going to eat and do some stuff, and hopefully do another stint or two later.
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    Nice :)