The Battle of Beetles Racing Event

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  1. TurtleTorque


    Greetings fellow racers! Are you a Volks Beetle fan!?!? If so, I've created a new racing event called, The B.O.B. (Battle of Beetles).

    The Battle of Beetles, or "The BOB", is a 53 lap event, divided into four (4) 10 lap races and the 13 lap Final. (Original idea now UPDATED!)

    Winner of the Battle of Beetles (the "BOB"), will win the virtual trophy, nicknamed, The Herby, and all bragging rights. All in good fun and hopefully some exciting racing!!!

    All racers interested in participating in the Battle of Beetles (the "BOB), RSVP here or send me a friend request on Playstation - ID is WRL_Podium_13.

    More details forthcoming if the "BOB" gets entrants!!

    Battle of Beetle format reconstruct!! 53 Laps, divided into five(5)10 lappers. Then the Final 3 lapper on the Nurburgring nordschleife!!! Better, right!??! (UPDATE of 1st idea.)

    BOTH Beets will be used. Buy yours now!! (450,000 for Gr. 3. 40,000 for '66 1200)

    Tentative Format: (subject to better idea change)

    1. Two(2) 10 lappers, Shortest Circuits - '66 1200 Beetle

    2. Three(3) 10 lappers, TBN Circuits - Gr. 3 Beetle

    3. Final 3 laps, Nurburgring Nordschleife, Gr. 3 Beetle

    Fuel & Tire settings - TBA

    C'mon racers, let's Beet the tracks. 20190906_131657.jpg