The Bend Motorsport Park

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    The Bend Motorsport Park is, in my opinion, the greatest circuit in Australia and is up there with the famous tracks around the globe. Yes I know what you're thinking, "But, Bathurst!".
    Mount Panorama is a great track for different reasons, it's a very difficult track which forces you to overcome your own personal limits in the car and provides a different form of adrenaline, that generally comes just from surviving another lap.
    The Bend however is simply a pleasure to drive, the corners all flow together beautifully and the feeling of getting them all right is a great one. It demands a great amount of concentration, and if you make one single mistake you can ruin 4+ corners. I've raced at Mount Panorama and The Bend, and can confidently say I enjoyed racing at The Bend more, although that may be slightly biased as I won my race there...

    The circuit also has multiple configurations. The main two being the GT Circuit, and the International Circuit. However there also two smaller configurations to allow for short sprint races.

    The GT Circuit is 7.77km long, has 35 corners and is the second longest permanent racetrack in the world. Second only to the Nordschleife.

    The International Circuit is 4.95km long with 18 corners and is used for the major racing series in Australia. This is also the configuration which I have raced on.

    Finally are the East and West tracks, which are 3.93 & 3.41km long respectively. Both tracks have their own pit building, allowing for racing on each configuration.

    Here is a lap of the International Circuit in a V8 Supercar:

    I believe The Bend would be perfect for Gran Turismo. The multiple configurations mean we essentially get four tracks just by adding one, and the tracks themselves are very challenging.
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    Sound really good. The track looks very fun! It has my vote!