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What do you look for most in a car in GT6?

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Hi guys!

Are you ever in a pinch where there is an event you have to do but don't have the right car, or have hardly enough money to buy a car? Well, this is the right thread for you. In this thread, I will share the best and cheapest bang for your buck (in terms of cars). When I say "best" I mean horsepower, pp, weight, and drivability combined, NOT what I think of the car.

Best Overall 350pp Car- Alfa Romeo 147 TI '06. 147hp, 357pp, FF, 1280kg, $31,400
Cheapest 350pp Car- Honda Civic 1500 '79. 83hp, 341pp, FF, 780kg, $9570
Best Overall 400pp Car- Alfa Romeo Brera Sky Window '06. 256 Horsepower, 409pp, 4WD, 1750kg, $64,900
Cheapest 400pp Car- Nissan Silvia K's '88. 172 Horsepower, 393pp, 1140kg, FR, $18860
Best Overall 450pp Car- Nissan Skyline GTR V-Spec '97. 276hp, 458pp, 1540kg, 4WD, $53,900
Cheapest 450pp Car- Chevrolet Camaro SS '00. 319hp, 460pp, FR, 1560kg, $22,150
Best Overall 500pp Car- Nismo Skyline GTR R-Tune '99. 443hp, 500pp, 1560kg, 4WD, $125,000
Cheapest 500pp Car- Chevrolet Camaro SS '10. 426hp, 498pp, FR, 1755kg, $35000
Best Overall 550pp Car- Ford Shelby GT500 '13. 661hp, 558pp, FR, 1733 kg, $55,000
Cheapest 550pp Car- Same as the best overall 550pp car
Best Overall 600pp Or More Car- TVR Cerbera Speed 12 '00. 799hp, 618pp, FR, 1020kg, $259,970

Cheapest Car With 276 Horsepower- Subaru Legacy B4 RSK '98
Cheapest Classic American Muscle Car- Pontiac Firebird Trans Am '78
Cheapest New American Muscle Car- Chevrolet Camaro SS '00
Cheapest Japanese Car- Daihatsu Midget '98
Cheapest European Car- Peugeot 106 Rallye '03
Cheapest FR Car- Daihatsu Midget '98
Cheapest FF Car- Honda Today '85
Cheapest 4WD Car- Suzuki Alto Works Sport Limited '97
Cheapest MR Car- Honda Beat '91
Cheapest RR Car- Fiat 500R '72
Cheapest Naturally Aspirated Car- Daihatsu Midget '98
Cheapest Turbocharged Car- Mitsubishi Minica '89
Cheapest Supercharged Car- Toyota MR2 G-Limited Super Charger '86
Cheapest EV or Hybrid Car- Nissan Leaf '11
Cheapest New Car (2010-2015)- Toyota Vitz '12
Cheapest Semi-New Car (1990-2009)- Daihatsu Midget '08
Cheapest Retro Car (1975-1989)- Honda Today '85
Cheapest Historic Car (1940-1974)- Honda Life Step Van '72
Cheapest Car Without A Year- Spoon CR-Z
Cheapest Japanese KEI Car- Daihatsu Midget '98
Cheapest European Hot-Hatch- Peugeot 106 Rallye '03
Cheapest Truck- Toyota Tacoma X-Runner '04
Cheapest Wagon- Volvo 240 GLT Estate '88
Cheapest SUV- Mitsubishi Airtrek '02
Cheapest Race Car- Hyundai Click-R '04
Cheapest Super Car- TommyKaira ZZII '00
Cheapest Concept Car- Suzuki Concept-S2 '03
Cheapest Rally Car- Mitsubishi Lancer 1600 GSR Rally Car '74
And The Cheapest Car In Gran Turismo 6 Is- Daihatsu Midget '98. Gotta Love A Midget!

I hope this list helps you.