The big Forza Horizon 5 interview: "There's not any point being bigger if it's more of the same"

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Perhaps not one of the biggest, but one of the most pleasant surprises of E3 2021 was the unveiling of Forza Horizon 5 in a relatively substantial gameplay demo during the Xbox showcase - with a November 2021 release date to boot. It was a given that this enormously polished and entertaining open-word driving series by Playground Games would return, but we didn't know when; for its first four entries it had been on a strict biennial schedule, but the UK-set Forza Horizon 4 has now been entertaining people for almost three years with little sign of flagging, thanks to a well-judged and assiduously maintained weekly and monthly update schedule, as well as easy accessibility on Game Pass on both Xbox and PC.

The big Forza Horizon 5 interview: "There's not any point being bigger if it's more of the same" •
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and you're right, Horizon 4 could be a bit overwhelming, because we're updating it so often, adding new things all the time... That is the kind of thing that we are looking to make better in Horizon 5

Thank god for that, going back to FH4 after a few months away was a huge overload of information due to the ridiculous amount of new events and different things to unlock, both offline and online, and each one counted towards multiple goals.
I realise there are parts of Horizon 4 I'll probably never explore fully like the stories and Eliminator. I guess they could use their characters to gently nudge the player into trying them out but they seem to have given up on that recently.
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That seems to be quite a thread of the FH5 pre-launch publicity. The idea of a semi-curated experience, trying to show you things the devs think you'll enjoy. I'm excited to see how that will work. I'm really interested to see how the Link works. In FH4 I have Anna & the chat disabled because they're moronic. But with a bit of additional intelligence behind it, it could really work.