The Biggest Gran Turismo and Sim-Racing Stories of 2022

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Another excellent write-up by @Famine, who played a major role in GTPlanet's success this year!

Thank you all for being part of this community — we couldn't do it without you.

Here's to a happy, healthy, and safe new year for all!

Great round up of 2022. Here is the another year of a great forum!

This is the only forum I have ever joined and post in as it isn't all a bunch of keyboard warriors/ fanboys arguing with eachother (well going by Internet standards anyways).

Looking forward to what GT7 and the rest of the racing gods have for us in 2023.
Really good article, personally I am looking forward to see how GT7 develops in 2023 and what a certain Ian bell has in store for us and AC2 in 2024, rennesport? great times for sim racing with UE5, happy new year all
Thank you Jordan, Andrew and the GTPlanet crew!

Truly the best Forum and it covers everything!
That's why I keep on coming back years after years.

Happy New Year 2023 all
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I feel GTplanet has done more for the community than polyphony....

How else would we find out where our engines go? 🤣

Cheers to the same known issues in 23!

Thank you to all the staff and long time lurkers, ⌛️ not long till 25th right?
Don't think I've ever hoped for anything more in my life than for Test Drive unlimited SC to not be a flaming pile of garbage
Looking forward to the weather system in FM 2023! Gonna see if I can do a Midnight Thunderstorm race at Rio. This and a Snowstorm in the Bernese Alps!
Personally I couldn't care less about weather systems. ultra-realistic graphics, 100's of tracks. 100's of cars etc etc.

All I want is a sim that properly handles an H pattern box and clutch with heel/toe. The only one that get's it remotely right is iRacing.
Surprised no-one's chucked a six about this one (or that some random YouTube channel hasn't jumped on it as confirmed):


Took me a whole nine seconds to mock up and slip into the main image :D

I'll put it on a box next time; when I did that for PS4/PS5 versions of GT7 it was circulated as the real thing 😖
Definitely planning to demo TD, I don't completely trust nacon yet. I know it wasn't mentioned in the article but hopefully motorsport games get their act together. I want a good Indycar and NASCAR game heading into the year.
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There may well be news about the new Assetto Corsa, but since the title isn't due to arrive until 2024 it's not on our list of things coming in 2023.
It's very likely that we will see the game this year as Early Access (at least in the final months of the year, November 8 would be the ideal date for it since it would be the 10th anniversary of the launch of the EA of the first AC) on Steam.