The Black Bull goes Sierra

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  1. BongoFury


    After giving "The Black Bull" Tracks a new home and releasing "The Black Bull Gran Turismo 6 Track Extension Pack Vol.1" I created the first Tracks for "The Black Bull Gran Turismo 6 Track Extension Pack Vol.2". These two Tracks are rested in the Sierra Scenery and more than worth a look at:

    The "El Torro Blanco GT Track" is a fast and challlenging Panorama Speedway through the fantastic Andalucia Scenenery. It's wide and banked, and good for any Car up to GT and LMP. This track is made for any driver and you will have much fun by sweeping fast turns and esses.


    The "El Torro Blanco Endurance Track" is a far other bull to ride on. It's GT Track wide and u will be lucky about any meter left before hitting the walls. It's a breathtaking endurance track and big fun for the very advanced driver. This track is also perfectly placed in the fantastic scenery of Andalucia and has no hidden jumps or impossible elevation changes, but beeing fast here will take you to your limit anyway. In the end it's an amazing track, you will love it, for shure!


    Enjoy your ride,
    Bongo Fury