The Dark Side of Torque

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    Hi everybody.
    There is something I surely missed about the obscure world of Gear Ratios.
    I'll start saying that unfortunately I (still) know nothing about gear ratio.
    I'am googling and reading about that, but in the meanwhile, (since I like to race anyway), I'm taking these instructions as an act of faith.
    It is up to me to understand the principles behind these values, but some questions/doubts first:

    The "bible" says...

    Choose a car and a circuit...

    (Six Gear Example)
    01 - apply all suggested engine/power improvements in the tune
    02 - check the top speed for the circuit (quote: "add 10 kmh in case of draft")
    03 - set final gear to 75%
    04 - set top speed to minumum
    05 - set last gear to 100% ** and your final gear to reach the speed you need on this track
    06 - set final gear to 2%
    07 - check the top speed again
    08 - set first gear to 40%
    09 - set second gear to 55%
    10 - set third gear to 70%
    11 - set fourth gear to 85%
    12 - set fifth gear to 90%
    13 - set sixth gear to 100%


    Did I get it right?
    Does it works for all cars?
    At step 5 how/wher do I get the actual available speed (forgive a new believer) in the GT6 setup screen?

    Please be kind and patient, if you like, and help me
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  2. Lionheart2113


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    Unfortunately, there is no "1 size fits all" when it comes to transmission tuning. It depends greatly on the power/torque curve of the car, the car itself, the track, and individual driving technique.
    I'm currently tuning a DeLorean for the Seasonal (thanks a lot @RMan72 ):irked: and I have a few different transmissions for it.
    2 of which have the exact same 1/2 mile drag time (30.105) but there is a huge difference in acceleration versus top end. The 3rd is quicker on the 1/2 mile (30.002) and faster around the track, but because the car is more of a handful with it, I have put it aside until I tune out other issues with the car because it is just too much.
    The simplest thing to do is to download a 1/2 mile drag track, and adjust your percentages per gear to beat your ghost times. It's a lot of trial and error, but it can give you an edge. Using a standard gear ratio percentage spread will not necessarily give you the best for that car.

    Going back to the 2 transmissions as an example...
    Setup A Gear Spread = 40% / 45% / 80% / 94% / 96% / 100%
    Setup B Gear Spread = 00% / 30% / 48% / 85% / 96% / 100%

    Of course all of this is based on my driving style, the fact that I'm an automatic transmission user, and a DS3 button masher.:dopey:
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  3. maxskuk


    " the Torque, no easy way there is, Luke. Time to learn and practice arrived he is"
    thanks @Lionheart2113
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  4. maxskuk


    178 jedi here to address an apprentice? resources? links, videos, books?
    I am not looking for an easy way, I'm interested to understand the principles behind all that.
    How did you all learn? How long did it take? Are you all natural born engineers/mechanics?
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  7. Otaliema


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    I wrote a fairly comprehensive transmission guide its based on racing transmissions rather thsn drag racing builds.
    As a general rule. The faster it accelerates the harder it is to drive as @Lionheart2113 mentioned.
    Aslso as he mentioned there is no one size fits all set up.
    You can improve your ratios but gain nothing due to stability issues that come up.
    I've built transmissions that accelerate harder and have better top end than ones used by the aliens here but they couldn't use them because it caused stability issues at exit.
  8. maxskuk


    Thanks @Otaliema.
    That's what I was looking for! A path with many seeds ...

    Before I start reading your conclusions, on your last two paragraphs you insist on stability issues.
    Is there something I'm missing...aren't they the "fun part".Or are they, in your opinion, a price too high to pay?
    Last but not least: what "aliens" mean?
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    If you're going after fast laps stability on shift is important. If tge car twitches everytime you shift you loose time. If you're in a quick match, online w/friends or AI the greater acceleration let's you over take by the next turn as a few hundredths doesn't really matter.
    Aliens=top twenty drivers in TT's