The Emil Frey Jaguar Just Might Be the Best Thing About Assetto Corsa Competizione

United Kingdom
The reverb on the pit straight against the wall is amazing! Took me a little tuning to get more out of it, but the aggressive setup doesn't need many changes to get more speed out of it at Zolder. Well done to Kunos for a great job on it!
Near Nürburgring
Yeah, i also think that its great for a studio like Kunos to create a sim with a smaller scope. And i think its pretty remarkable what they have achieved so far. This is easily the best looking sim right now and i simply love all those beautiful GT3 machines.
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
While its not the most fun to drive for me so far in ACC this car sure does look absolutely menacing. It's interesting that this car has all sorts of feedback most prevailing is people saying it doesnt feel as good as the others. I surprised that this isnt expected for a lot of people since it is a privateer car, its not gonna have as much fine tuning as some of the others, while BoP can solve overall performance it does nothing for drive-ability.

I think this will be the last build I try now before launch, the other cars are interesting but there is a lot to play between now and launch.

I'm interested to see how they are gonna do the campaign/career mode for this now, it was an area the original AC lacked in so hopefully they can do better this time around.
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Wait until the full ACC sim is released. Everybody will be doing this >>>> :eek: :bowdown:

Some will do that. Some will call it a simcade. Some will complain that X and Y feature isn't exactly how THEY want them to be. Some will complain that a game based on the Blancpain series doesn't have any F1 cars or Prototypes or vintage cars. The five people that play rF2 will write a thesis on why the thermonuclear tire model is "teh bestest" and how graphics don't matter. Some will just keep their trap shut and enjoy playing it. I'll probably be sitting in my theater wondering why I rarely touch my sim racing rig anymore (oh, right, see above :D ). :dopey: